Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Miracle Healing River Discovered in Enugu

The recent news making rounds on the internet is about the miracle healing river in Udi Local Government Area, Enugu. The river, which has been nicknamed River Bathsaida, disappears and reappears. It reappeared a couple of weeks ago, and it has been said to have healing powers. Trust Nigerian's, they flooded the river in their hundreds to experience the alleged healing powers. Check out the pictures below-

But really, the word out is that it was never known as a healing river before now. Read the words from an elder from the village below-

“We noticed that after some years, the water will form a stream there and would disappear in few weeks. If such happens, we will be fetching water there. However, women who are menstruating and evil people don’t go there. We never heard about healing power of the River until this recent appearance of the River.
“The last time it appeared was in 1992, and at that time, it just formed a small stream, which later disappeared. It has never been as large as this. This is all I know, we have never known about its healing power, this is the first time we are hearing about healing, I don’t whether it is true”.

I'm guessing someone made up the story of it having healing powers, and it spread like wild fire.  Well, what can I say. Most times, it is not the thing believed in but the belief that really works the miracles. That is why all through the new testament Bible, Jesus was known to always say, 'it is your belief that healed you' to the people that he healed. So, it is possible to have some miracles happen in that village from people that fetched the water. I am just hoping that a cholera endemic doesn't breakout.

And about the appearing and disappearing of the river, I can explain that with my knowledge of Geography. We live in a closed system, and everything goes through a cycle, nothing is gotten outside the earth's closed system. So, water moves through different forms (ice as glaciers, vapor as clouds in the sky...), and different channels (lakes, underground water, ponds, river tributaries, rivers, oceans), but water never just disappears. Climate change or technological development may have led to the river drying up, and later filling up, but it is nothing magical.

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