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Who Killed Dele Giwa?- Part 2

“It is always a much easier task to educate uneducated people than to re-educate the mis-educated.” 

― Herbert M. SheltonGetting Well

So, who really killed Dele Giwa? If you haven't read the first part, do so here- 'Who Killed Dele Giwa- Part . Let us look into what transpired on the day of his death. According to the account of Newswatch (the magazine he founded with three other editors)- A Peugeot 504 drove up to Giwa's Opebi (Ikeja, Lagos) house with a parcel for delivery. The gate man collected it, and gave it to Billy Giwa, who in turn took the letter to his Dad in the study. Billy (Dele Giwa's son- 19 at the time) went through the back Kitchen entrance, which was closer to the study than the front entrance to deliver the letter to his Dad.

Billy later said that the parcel had a Federal Republic of Nigeria stamp on it. He also said- 'From the office of the Commander in Chief of the  Armed Forces of the federal Republic of Nigeria' was written on the parcel. (Of cos that could have been forged at Oluwole.)

After getting the parcel, it was said that Dele Giwa said- 'This should be from the Presidency.' And as he put it on his laps to open, his guest, Kayode Soyinka (the head of Newswatch office in London) who was staying at Giwa's house, excused himself to use the toilet. He hadn't gotten far when the bomb went off, killing Dele Giwa. Now, this is the tricky part. In his account, Kayode Soyinka said the bomb's explosion threw him to the other side of the room, and he was unconscious for a while. He then said, after he regained consciousness, he ran out for help. He also noted that on his way out of the house, he met Dele Giwa's wife (Funmi Giwa) hurrying towards the site of the explosion from the living room, where she had been watching TV.

I don't think this adds up. First off, there is no way an explosion of that magnitude wouldn't have made Funmi Giwa run to the site immediately to find out what had happened. He said he was unconscious for a while before going out for help. For how long was he unconscious? Two seconds? And the strangest thing was that Funmi Giwa sustained some injuries from the blast, but he, who was the closest to Dele Giwa (a few feet away from him in the room of the bomb blast) didn't have a single scratch on his body. He left the hospital the same day...with no injuries at all. Experts who viewed the site of the explosion said there is no way someone in the room could have walked off without injuries unless he knew before hand about the bomb, and had taken cover by lying flat on the floor.

What can we make out of this? I am just so curious to know what really happened that day, and I have not been blinded by propaganda surrounding the incidence back then as not to think logically. How did Mr. Kayode Soyinka walk away from the site of the explosion where Dele Giwa was killed without sustaining any injuries at all? And why was he never available for questioning by the police until he travelled back to London? What happened that day in October of 1986 will only be known unless a fresh investigation is started, and there are no sentiments attached to the inquiry.

Dele Giwa was said to have travelled to London frequently close to the time of his death. People made up stories that he had run into Glory Okon, who was supposed to be dead, and that he was working on uncovering a drug smuggling operation between the said Glory Okon and Maryam Babangida (IBB's wife). The general belief is that this was the reason IBB had Dele Giwa killed. But there is really no truth to this, as there are no evidences. It was just a story someone made up, and it became like a folk tale.

I want to make a point but want you to read the excerpts from a 1986 issue of 'West Africa', a Magazine circulated in London. In the Oct 27, 1986 issue of 'West Africa' magazine, there was a story that Dele Giwa's killers could be located across boarders. The magazine wrote...

"The investigations are focused internally, but there must also be an international connection. In London last week, Peter Turtill, the British who first revealed large scale fraud committed against Nigeria through Johnson Malthye Bank (JMB), and who has himself since received two death threats  told our correspondent that he received a telephone call on the morning of October 20, from a man who claimed to be Peter Evans. The man, he said, told him, 'I think you will like to know that Dele Giwa is dead.' Turtill's link with Newswatch was that he had been interviewed extensively for a major report the magazine did on the JMB affair earlier this year"

I was this overlooked? People wanted to pin it on Ibrahim Babangidi so much that they closed their eyes to every other information that might have lead them to the real killers. It was also said that the parcel bomb was too sophisticated for that time (1986) in Nigeria. Could it be that the people from JMB put a 'hit' on Dele Giwa for trying to expose their dealings in his magazine? Could it be that Kayode Soyinka helped out in the plan because his life was threatened if he didn't cooperate? Many questions still left unanswered, but I hope this article series has enlightened you the reader a little more on the issues surrounding Dele Giwa's death.

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