Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Babatunde Fashola Speaks On Aftermath of Nelson Mandela's Death

Following Nelson Mandela's death 5 days ago, a lot of world leaders, and important dignitaries all over the world have commented on the selfless life Mandela lived. Even people from countries that supported what Mandela fought against have had a lot to say. Deeply touched that the part Nigeria played in liberating South African's from the white supremacists is not being recognized in this generation, Lagos state governor, Babatunde Fashola had some words to share. In a recent interview with journalists yesterday, Babatunde Raji Fashola spoke on this, saying...

“There are more questions to answer. When you look at the part of the world where ovation is now the loudest, it was the part of the world the pain was the most vicious. In a very cruel irony, history is being revised. The people, who collaborated with the government that enthroned apartheid at that time, are the people that are paying the biggest tributes now. But I ask myself: is this not the time for deep reflection? I doubt if any African country expended as much time, as much money and as much commitment as the Nigerian Government."

"I was a teenager then in 1976 when anti-apartheid campaign really gained resurgence in every home in this country. Nigeria paid a huge price for what South Africa has become today. I remember the anti-apartheid campaign was at the core of Nigerian foreign policy.Apart from scholarship given to South Africans, I remember President Yar’Adua met Thabo Mbeki in South Africa and he was telling me about their relationship, which he said was dated to when Mbeki used to come to Zaria for student exchange programme. I remember we did not go for Commonwealth Games because of South Africa. I remember we took drastic measures against the foreign collaborators of apartheid regime and nationalised assets.” 

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