Thursday, 19 December 2013

Mountain Of Fire Church Plan to Close Down All Beer Parlors in Lagos

Haha! Is that even possible? Anyway, it will be very interesting to see what happens as they try. The crusade is tagged, 'Overcoming The Storm', and it was initiated by the Regional Pastor (Pastor Aderemi Oseni)  for Region 32 MFM, Ogba, Lagos. Read his words below-

"We want to convert beer parlors into our praying centers. At the end of the crusade, the kingdom of darkness would be depopulated completely. I am aware that powers of darkness have converted major roads to shrines in this environment. We want to pull down all shrines"

They are kicking off in Ogba, and would cover every other part of Lagos. But I still don't know how they plan to accomplish this. How do you close down a business? You might as well just go to the top, and stop Nigerian Breweries and Guinness from producing in Nigeria. You can't forcefully close down a beer parlor, which the owner would probably have paid rent money for where he sues, and other charges to the local government. As I said, I would love to read about how the outcome of the exercise. By the way, the crusade kicked off today, the 19th of December. So, if you stay in Ogba and its environs, look out for the protesting group from MFM.

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