Thursday, 19 December 2013

Nigerians...The Biggest Sets of Hypocrites in the World

I was just on linda ikeji’s blog and read about the senate passing a bill to ban Same-Sex Marriage in Nigeria. Okay, before i go on, I have to clarify something. I wrote some things about gay people in the past and some people on my Facebook were calling and asking if I was gay...No, I’m not; I’m straight like a ruler. I just believe in equal rights in every way possible. Why is it okay for the same senate to OKAY marriages between an adult and a child, but have a problem with two adults wanting to be together? At least the two adults are fully aware of what they are doing...the kid that the man is marrying is being married off against her will. And people want to play the moral card when fighting gay people.

I read a lot of people on Linda's blog celebrating, and saying the senate had done a good thing. Human beings on there were condemning other people to hell, and wishing death on them because they don’t understand why those people are the way they are. Why would you bring morals into it when you are not morally upright yourselves? I read comments from this same people on a daily, speaking about their promiscuous lives, and celebrating it on the blog...commenting on various pictures of dicks Linda puts on there every now and then, and yet you want to claim moral uprightness?

You hear people in Nigeria condemning America and other countries in the world that are okay with Same-Sex marriage, saying those people have been condemned to hell, and thanking God that Nigeria is a good country with very religious people. lol!  Its so’s so funny that its the one that is super religious that is going through hell, and the one that is carefree and liberal that is in paradise. I don’t think there is any other country with this level of hypocrisy in the world. You have at least two churches on every street, and maybe one Mosque. You have traffic on the Lagos-Ibadan road every last Friday of the month, because millions of people are going to religious camps...tens of millions, yet you have an increase level of promiscuity in the country, increasing level of corruption (even though the countries president also goes to the camp to worship), high level of fraud, and also increasing level of various types of crimes in the country. Evil people with evil hates, and hate for their neighbours are everywhere, and they claim to be CHRISTians.

I always like to ask people some times; Okay, lets say there is really a hell after death, are there going to be different types of hell? Are there going to be different levels of hell? Maybe people with just little sin will go to the hell were the flames will be milder and the serious sinners will go to the place were fire burns their skin out right out? What? Tell me. It’s just so funny to think of sometimes. And I get angry at people some times for their hypocritical ways. Nigeria reminds of of one of my neighbours who wants to take our issue up to the street meeting, because she feels we have too many female visitors. Yet, she...Okay, maybe I shouldn't talk about her, cos someone might be reading that knows where I stay. But what I am trying to say is this- ‘Why paint a saintly picture of yourself so as to condemn others, while your heart is evil?”

I was once approached by a gay guy, and was really disgusted about it, so don’t think I am all comfy with seeing men holding hands up and down the streets. But, because I do not understand them doesn't mean I should hate and condemn them. Maybe that’s the thing...we do not understand them. A girl once told me- ‘You can’t understand them because you are not gay.’ And that’s true. I don’t know...maybe as some people say, a chemical imbalance in the brain made some men like men, and some women like women, but it is not a fad. Homosexuality IS NOT CONTAGIOUS!!! I think people need to understand that. It is funny when people say they are fighting gay people so that gay people wont take over the world and turn everyone gay. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. You cannot wake up one morning and say you want to be gay...that is not how you are wired. I love women and everything about women, and can never be attracted to men that way, but it doesn't give me a right to hate men who are attracted to other men.

I don’t know why I am taking this issue so serious. I guess its cos I have been different from the pack too before, and I know how it can be. Now I dye my hair, but I have always had a patch of grey hair on the right side of my hair. And all through primary and secondary school, I was ridiculed and laughed at. Called different names. Although my case cannot be compared to that of Gay people, I know how it feels to be different...I have an idea.

I’m sorry if reading this article has left a sour taste in your mouth; I guess I just had to get it out of mine.

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