Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Nigerian Celebrities Speak Against Country's Anti-Gay Bill

I guess it is no news, as it is all over social media right now. Yesterday, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan signed the Anti-Gay bill into law. In lay man terms, Jonathan has just made being Gay a criminal offence in Nigeria...punishable by law, with a 14 year sentence. In light of this, some celebrities and prominent people in the society have spoken against the action. Let me be the first to speak. First of all, I want to say I wanted to do a whole write up on this, but I was so angered at the time, I knew that If I wrote with that anger, the product of my write-up would scare some people away. So, I just decided to share some opinions from people that align with mine. My problem with this bill is that people hate gays because they are different, and they don't understand why a man would be attracted to a man, or why a woman would be attracted to a woman. If you only take a little time to do research (outside what you religion tells you), you wold know that these people don't chose to be so. Why would someone wake up one morning and decide to be gay when he knows he risks the probability of being lynched (or even killed) in public?

Tosin Bucknor (Top FM On Air Personality) had this to say about the bill...

Rapper, Ruggedman also chipped in his 2 cents on Twitter...............

Lawyer/former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode also had his own opinion on the bill-

So, as I was saying earlier, my problem with the law is that it is going to criminalize people that are not fully understood. Why would you want to jail two adults that are homosexuals, who want to be in a relationship together? That is infringing on the human rights that those people should have. So, look at it this way...lets say Homosexuality is wrong, and people are not normally meant to like the person of the opposite sex, will locking them up change that? Will it solve the perceived problem? Lets say it's a demonic attack (like some Christians say) or a mental disorder, or a gene passed from down to the gay person; why not look into the solution of that, rather than criminalizing it. How is it even a criminal offence? Are gay people a threat to anyone in the society? I just don't like how hypocritical Nigerians like to be. They condemn people (without trying to understand them) because they say Homosexuality is a sin to God, and yet there are many things that is in the Bible that are recognized as sins that these same people engage in on a daily basis, without remorse.

My heart skipped a beat when a friend of mine (whom I always saw as being enlightened) told me he supports the bill because Homosexuality is a trend, and if left to continue in Nigeria, would lead more people to become Homosexuals. In other words, he said Homosexuality is contagious. That was the height for me. People are so backward and ignorant in this country. I want to say more, but I don't want to make this post too long. You can leave comments and we can discuss this issue further. Thank you.

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