Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dencia and Her Bleaching Cream- Whitenicious

Nigerian female singer, Dencia is getting more famous by the day; or should I say, more infamous by the day. She launched her bleaching cream named Whitenicious a couple of months ago, and according to her, it sold out the first week of launch. Now, she has expanded her business to cover the American market. She was featured on (one of America's most popular gossip sites), and she said her sales increased by 1000% afterwards. Whoa! That is one hell of an increase in a few days. I think she is gonna make a killing from this. There are a lot of insecure dark-skinned women out there that ain't comfortable in their own skin, and they would definitely give her a cream a shot.

I was on twitter yesterday and saw how people all over the world were talking about this girl, and I thought...This girl just put Nigeria on the map...but for the wrong reasons. There are a lot of people bashing her right now; talking about how she is not a proud African, and that her product is making beautiful black women believe they have to be fair-skinned (or, in her case, WHITE) for people to see them as beautiful. Look at this picture she took with Seyi Oni (PR Officer for Royalty Records) about three years ago when she was still solely doing music, and compare it with the one above. In this picture, you can see that she has already started experimenting with bleaching, but in the one on top, she is WHITE. 

Now, check out her real transformation in the pics below.

Her cream, she says helps people with dark spots bleach them out, and blend the whole skin color to a newer/lighter look. Sort of like how Michael Jackson had to bleach his skin because he had Vertigo, and he didn't like the patches that it left on his skin, so he evened out his skin color by bleaching. Hmm! Anyway, what can I say? People are free to do whatever they want to do. It is just that I think it works too fast, and it could have adverse side-effects people don't know yet. It bleaches the skin in just 7 days. I don't know mehn! Something just isn't right. I ain't knocking her hustle tho.

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