Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dencia Says She Has Made Over $1 Million From Her Bleaching Cream- Whitenicious

Yea, Dencia says she has made over $1 million off the sales of her bleaching cream, Whitenicious. Well, she doesn't call it a bleaching cream, she says its a spot removing cream, but that it can also act as a bleaching cream. She says it is not in her control what buyers use it for...whether to remove some dark spots, or to bleach their whole body. This post is on the incredible amount she has made off the cream in a short time, and I will try and stick to that.

Check out her tweet on that below-

Ladies and gentlemen, that is one million dollars...not one million naira. A million dollars equals 160 million naira. Like whoa! She made that in just a few weeks of launching her product. Well, it's not like i support bleaching, I am just left in awe at how much she just made from that cream. It's like people condemn her on twitter, but secretly order for her cream. I see a lot of 'white' black girls everywhere nowadays, so it ain't shocking that she made so much from her cream. She actually made the money in the states. One bottle goes for $160, and she reported to have sold 5,000 bottles in a couple of days of launch. I am sure she has sold over 10,000 bottles by now. But, lets be modest and say she only sold 7,000 bottles so far...$160 multiplied by 7,000 bottles equals $1,120,000. My friends, that is a whole lot of MONEY!

She has gotten, and keeps getting criticized by people who believe her cream is teaching beautiful black women to believe that they have to be light-skinned (or in her case, WHITE), to be desired by black men. One person on twitter even tweeted-  'When Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "I have a dream…" The dream was not to become white.' lol! Very funny. But the Nigerian-Cameroonian pop star was quick to reply with...

And speaking on her all round success, she tweeted-

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