Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Nigerians Just Left the Land of Egypt and Are Heading to the Promise Land

A lot of people might not understand this, but we are right now like the Isrealites, heading to the promise land. Like the story in the bible, our Moses has gotten us out of the suffering of the land of Egypt and is taking us through the desert to the promise land. I am sure even an atheist can understand the universal laws of nature, that for any form of change to occur in any animate or inanimate form, there has to be some sort of discomfort or pain. If an uncut diamond could speak, it will plead with gem-cutters to stop halfway while they are polishing it to shine, after picking it from the dirt.

 Buhari took over power on May 29th, and this is the 8th month (not up to a year), and people are already saying they would prefer to go back to the way things were. Not understanding that for you to experience a new thing...for you to build a new building in a place where an old dilapidated building used to be, you have to demolish the old, and then start building the new from the ground up. And of cos, this would take a while. 

There are so many things wrong with Nigeria right now, but if we could pick one area to focus in making our beloved country a better place, then that one area has to be the area of corruption. Not only will this bring back a lot of stolen funds needed to run the economy, it will also stamp in the minds of Nigerians of all levels, that stealing is now corruption, and that corrupt activities would land you in jail. I was at a gathering of elders somewhere around Alausa in Lagos on Sunday, and we discussed the current state of Nigeria. One man that said he rarely jumps into discussions of politics said he had something to say. He let us know he had just come into the country a day before, and that for the first time in his twenty something years of traveling in and out of Nigeria, he tried to pay some members of the Nigerian customs the normal tip they usually demanded from him (concerning his line of business) and he said they wouldn't accept it. He said he was so shocked, and knew deep down that something had really changed in the country.

The way some Nigerians are complaining right now about the state of the country can be related to that of the Israelites, who, after Moses took them out of their suffering in Egypt, pleaded with him to take them back because of the small discomfort on the way to the promise land. Read the Bible verses below to get a grasp of what I am trying to say.

"One day some worthless foreigners among the isrealites became greedy for food, and even the Isrealites themselves began moaning, 'We don't have any meat. In Egypt, we could eat all the fish we wanted, and there were cucumbers, melons, onions, and garlic. But we are starving out here, and the only food we have is this manna."

-Numbers 11...4-6 (The Holy Bible)
"They complained to Moses and Aron in the desert. They said, 'It would have been better if the Lord had just killed us in the land of Egypt. At least there we had plenty to eat. We had all the food we needed. But now you have brought us out here into this desert to make us all die of hunger."
-Exodus 16...2-3 (The Holy Bible)

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