Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Top 10 Nigerian Celebrities That Might Be Bleaching (2016)

It almost like most female Nigerian celebrities got bitten by a bug that turns their skin white from black, cos when I look at their pictures on screen or on the blogs these days, they all look the same color- white. It became a fad in the 80s, and even Fela sang about it in his hit song, Yellow Fever. It faded away after a while, but bleaching is big in Nigeria right now. Almost every girl you see on the streets in Nigeria right now is light-skinned, it would make you wonder what happened to all the dark-skinned beauties in the country. Well, most of them have the notion that they would be more desirable if they were 'yellow,' so they opted for one bleaching cream or the other.

Bleaching is now big business in the country. So big is the business that Cameroonian-Nigerian singer/business woman, Dencia boasted of making $2 million dollars from her skin whitening cream (Whitenicious) in 2014. Well, maybe she made most of the sales in America, but I am sure a bunch of Nigerian celebrities would have bought it too. I decided to compile this list of Nigerian celebrities who have been rumored to be bleaching, whom might as well be bleaching. I put their 'before and after' pictures beside their names, so you can be the judge.

10. Cynthia Morgan
Yea, she has always been busty, but the Nigerian queen of Dancehall music, Cynthia Morgan was not a yellow paw paw while growing up. You can see evidence of this in the before and after picture.

9.  Tonto Dikeh
Although she wasn't very dark as a kid, she sure wasn't as light skinned as she currently looks. Checkout the before and after picture of star actress, Tonto Dikeh and be the judge of whether or not she has blecahed her skin.

8.  Halima Abubakar
I guess she felt her big boobs weren't enough to sell her, she had to go and lighten her skin. I think I preferred when she was ebony colored, to the new and improved yellow Halima Abubakar.

7.  Rukky Sanda
Rukky Sanda is another Nollywood actress with obvious evidence of bleaching. Look at her before and after pictures and make up your mind if she bleached her skin or not.

6.  Dencia
She has never denied it. In fact, she has made millions of Dollars from selling her skin whitening cream, Whitenicious, worldwide. Cameronian-Nigerian singer/serial entrepreneur, Dencia isn't one to shy away from the fact that she does bleach her skin. Well, if she doesn't bleach, who would buy her cream, right?

5.  Biodun Okeowo
Single mom, Biodun Okeowo is another celebrity that we have under the telescope. I strongly believe, from this picture, that the Yoruba actress is bleaching her skin.

4.  Mide Martins-Abiodun
The mother of two has been married to the same man for 13 years. Mide Funmi Martins-Abiodun is another Yoruba actress rumored to be bleaching her skin. If she is bleaching her skin, she is must definitely not doing it to attract men, but to get more roles as an actress.

3.  Dayo Amusa
Dayo Amusa is yet another Yoruba actress that has been accused of bleaching her skin. She has been very successful with her art for more than a decade now.

2.  Susan Maxwell
Susan Maxwell is a skin care therapist as well as an actress, so it shouldn't come as a shocker that she also tones up her skin, or decides to bleach it. I think she has done some bleaching to her skin...what do you think?

1.  Iyabo Ojo
Veteran actress, 38 year old Iyabo Ojo is another actress rumored to be bleaching her skin. I guess more actresses bleach their skin than any other set of professional celebrities in Nigeria. I guess they feel they have to do that to look good in movies.


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