Friday, 12 February 2016

How Agege Bread Hawker (Jumoke Orisaguna) Turned to a Sought After Model Overnight

I have always believed that nothing is impossible. Also, I have the belief that truth is actually stranger than fiction. Even with that belief, my mind is still boggled by the story of this Agege bread seller who's life became transformed in a matter of weeks after accidentally walking into an ongoing photo shoot. Before I go on, for those that don't live in Lagos- Agege Bread is a actually a special type of bread sold in Lagos, which is known for its very soft and heavy nature.

3 weeks ago, British rapper (with Nigerian roots), Tinie Tempah came to the country for some business and decided to do a photo shoot. He called on the assistance of musician turned photographer, TY Bello to handle the shoot. Instead of going to the the finer parts of Lagos, TY decided to go to the ever busy streets of not so suburbia Yaba. As TY Bello narrated in her series of Instagram posts on this story, she said she was busy taking shots of Tinie Tempah on the streets of Lagos when Jumoke Orisaguna accidentally walked into the shoot. Tinie Tempah, being a resident of London was fascinated by how the slim lady managed to balance a stack of loafs of bread on her head and still walk majestically. While looking in awe at the lady, TY saw it as a perfect shot, and she clicked away.

After sharing some of the finished products of the Tinie Tempah photo shoot on her Instagram, a lot of people started asking about the bread seller, and wanting to know if she was a model. The red and white colors of her dress must have caught their eye. And also the fact that it looked very artistic to have a man looking at a woman walking down the streets with a rack of bread on her head. The picture started trending, and TY Bello had to locate the girl. When she did find the girl (after a few days) she invited her over to her studio for a proper photo shoot, which ended up being used on the cover of a popular Nigerian magazine- This Day Style. Things picked up from there.

After the This Day cover, Jumoke got signed by a Modeling Agency (Few Modeling Agency); she got featured in numerous local and foreign magazines and websites, and now, there is about to be a special on her on CNN. Whoa! All in a matter of weeks. It is really mind boggling. I know her head would still be spinning right now. I don't even think she knows the gravity of what has happened to her it has changed forever. In January she would have never thought in a million years her life would be where it is right now. Olajumoke Orisaguna just went from a bread seller to a highly demanded model. She just became a celebrity, overnight.

Below is a picture of her (Jumoke Orisaguna) with her 14 year old daughter- the shot was taken by professional photographer, TY Bello.

 Below is a picture of her and the lady that made it all happen, Photographer, TY Bello.

And below are some more shots from the TY Bello photo session with Jumoke Orisaguna; the bread seller turned model.

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