Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Agege Bread Seller Story is Not Entirely Fake

A couple of weeks ago, Olajumoke Orisaguna made headlines for mistakenly walking into the photo-shoot of UK-Nigerian rapper, Tinie Tempah's photo-shoot, and becoming a celebrity overnight. People have alleged that the whole thing was staged by professional photographer, TY Bello, who handled the photo-shoot. But the truth is...It wasn't totally cooked up.

The only problem there is that TY Bello left some things unsaid. What really happened was, while they were taking the pictures, the girl walked into the scene, and as a creative person, the idea came to TY Bello's head to use her in the shoot. After talking to both Tinie Tempah and the girl, and getting both of them to agree with the idea, she asked the bread seller to go back to the beginning of the street, and walk back into the scene, and Tinie Tempah looked back like he was seeing her for the first time. Many shots were taken, then she (TY Bello) went to her studio, and did a lot of photo-shop work. The girl's dress looked local, so she lifted a red dress from somewhere on the Internet, and attached it to the girls upper body...but she left the Dunlop slippers and the local leggings the girl wore. That's all that happened...Nothing more, nothing less.

#From the first picture below, you can see how the girl originally looked. That picture was probably taken when they were discussing whether or not she would agree to appear in the photo-shoot. She was laughing shyly at the idea, but she thought she didn't have anything to lose, so she agreed.

#The second picture shows the bread seller walking along the streets as instructed by TY Bello, but the picture had been touched. You can also see an Okada (bike) man waiting for the shot to be taken before riding pass. This shows that that part was really planned and not random.

I stand by my assertion that TY Bello didn't know the girl before that day, but she didn't tell the public the entire truth, which makes people think the story is fake. I guess she didn't tell the world the entire truth to make the story sound more interesting and out of the ordinary. Writers embellish true stories all the time, so this is really no big deal really.


  1. Hmmm! Putting my thinking cap on. Hmm! I fink there's sense in ur assertion. Looking @ the pic alone, one will know twas doctored


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