Tuesday, 12 July 2016

11 Things Nigerian Spinsters are Tired of Hearing

Okay, here I go again. Actually, I have gotten a lot of texts from girls after I posted an article this morning titled 13 Things Nigerian Bachelors are Tired of Hearing. I have learnt that females have it worse than us guys. So, I decided to write this article, based on what I learned from the the ladies that contacted me and from my own personally observations. Below are 7 things Nigerian spinsters are tired of hearing. 1,2, 3, GO!!! Wait, Hol'Up! I think I need to say something. I am not talking of the giant sized rat in the Ninja Turtle movie when i mention spinster. His name is Master Splinter. I am talking of an unmarried woman, typically an older woman beyond the usual age of marriage.


1.  Why Are You Still Single
She is single because she can't marry herself. What sort of insensitive question is that anyway.

2.  You Can't Give Birth After Menopause
She probably already knows that, so no need to remind her of that. Besides, child birth is still possible after menopause, it is just harder.

3.  Go and Marry
This is Nigeria, a country in West Africa, and we have not reached that point of social advancement where a woman can propose to a man. How do you expect her to just GO AND MARRY like that?

4.  All Your Success Doesn't Mean Anything If You are Not Married
Oh my. I just can't imagine what people like Rita Dominic and Linda Ikeji go through in the hands of cyber bullies that keep typing stuff like this on their social media pages. Why must marriage be the ultimate measure of success for a woman?

5.  You Don't Want to Have Children?
Maybe she wants to, maybe she doesn't. She is an adult and can make her own decisions. So, mind your own business.

6.  You Are So Beautiful, How Come You are Still Single?
Because she can't 'toast' herself.

7.  I've Got the Perfect Guy For You
Yea, right.

8.  Don't You Get Lonely
Everyone gets lonely at some point...married or unmarried.

9.  You Should Lower Your Standards
I remember why one of my friends stopped going to a particular church in my area. One day, there was a testimony about a lady who was looking for a husband. And the pastor asked her to marry the first person she sees when she opens the window the next morning. That person happened to be her gate-man, and she went and married him. We started calling that church OPEN THE WINDOW.

I am a firm believer in being humble at all times and never looking down on people. But, when we are talking about a marriage that is meant to last forever, the two parties involved should at least be compatible to a degree.

10. I Wish I Was Still Single
Most men just say this to make the girl lose her guard so they can get in her pants.

11. Have You Tried Online Dating?
Yea, she probably has, and she found out that like 80% of Nigerian men online are perverts and just want sex.

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