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3 Free Ways to Make Money Online in Nigerian

Today I would be listing three free ways to make money online as a Nigerian, living in Nigeria. There a lot of articles online that talk about how one can make money online, but when you follow most of them, you find out they are too hard and complex, or the systems don't really favor Nigerians. I have been making money online since 2011. Yea, I have had money management problems, and have been a bit complacent with my business over the years, which has affected my growth in a negative way, but this ain't about me. Take the message, don't worry about the messenger. I have experimented with all the systems I will be listing in this article, and they work. Till this day, I still make money from all of the three ways I am going to be listing, so I ain't selling you a pipe dream. This is a real means to make legit money. It might not be hundreds of thousands, but a couple of tens of thousands in the bank ain't bad, don't you think?

If you ain't lazy (like I can be sometimes) and you focus on anyone of the money making systems I would be listing below, you would be making a couple of tens or hundreds of dollars passive income in about two months, or even two weeks, depending on which of the systems you decide to follow. Please note that this is not a get rich quick scheme; YOU HAVE TO WORK LONG HOURS TO MAKE THE MONEY. But it is 100% guaranteed that you would make money.

I would do my best in explaining them, but I don't know if I can be extensive enough. So, I would advise that you ask me questions in the comment section. I would answer every single question to the best of my abilities, and would never ever ask you to buy any book or pay me any money. Okay...let's get right to it.

1.  Kindle eBook Business
This business is all about selling eBooks online via Amazon. There is a program Amazon has with authors and publishers called KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), where Amazon acts as a publishing house, and you can upload your manuscript/book to their website, and they help you market it to their millions of customers for a fee. Depending on how much you price the book, Amazon will get either a 30% commission or a 65% commission, and you get the rest. If you ask me, that is a fair deal considering all the marketing Amazon will be doing for you. Kindle is a device which is used to read eBooks. It is a like a small tab, or a big phone. The books you will be publishing would be read mostly on this tab, and other online reading devices (like smartphones).

Okay, right now, I hear some people saying 'but I can't write a book. I am not an author.' If you attended secondary, even if you didn't finish secondary school, you can write a book. Everybody knows something, and that thing you know, some people might not know. So, why not write it down, put it into chapters, and publish it online. As I said early, I can't totally go into every tiny detail of the money making systems I will be listing, but you are free to ask me further questions in the comment section. I would just try my best to explain how the money can be made and the potential of the money that can be made. I would say this is the biggest market to make money online right now, and it is limitless. And it is quite simple to upload books onto the Amazon system. Once you write your book (divided into chapters) via Microsoft word, you register at for free, and then log into your account. You will see a box on the screen with 'create new title' written in it; click on it and follow the simple instructions. It is very self explanatory.

About types of books to write? Go to and search for Amazon bestsellers. Click on the first link at the top of the search results, and then on the left side of the page it takes you to, click on Kindle Store, and then click on 'Kindle eBook's on the next page you are taken to. Take time to study the top 100 bestselling books and the niches they fall into, then study the niches and sub-niches that have the most bestselling books. This is where you will find books that are selling, and those are the type of books you should write. Those are the niches you should write in. Stick to non-fiction books; you can sell better as a nobody in this area. Also, your books should have American author names. You are allowed to use pen-names, so instead of using, Chigozie Ugwu, you can use Bob D Jones or something of the nature.

Trust me you can write in any genre/niche; just make Google your best friend, and do extensive research. For pointers, some of the best niches to write in include; self-help (weight loss, motivational books, sexual instruction books, law of attraction books, fitness), Recipe books, cookbooks, religion, etc. Do your own research for better understanding.

How much can you make from this and how do you get your money? I have spent too much time on this particular money making system and I would be as brief as possible with this. Just know that you can put up as many books as you want in a week. So, it really depends on how fast you can write. Your books don't have to be too long; most of mine are 3,000-5,000 words. That's about 11-18 pages on Microsoft word. And I price my books at $2.99. Amazon will get their 30% share, afterwards I get my 70% (about $2). The very first month I started this, I sold 4 copies of my first and only book on Amazon at the time (Cure Premature Ejaculation), and I made $8. Yea, it was small, but I was so happy. I mean, after I put up the book, I didn't do any other thing...Amazon did all the marketing for me. I made money when I slept. That is just one book. If you are dedicated and can put up 5 short books a month, in three months, you would have about 15 books, and would be making at least $100 or more in passive income. There is nothing sweeter than passive income cos you get to earn money over and over, from work you did once. In this case, your book will keep selling, month after month.

Oh yea, one more thing; Amazon pays you your royalties after two months. That is, if you start this month (July), you will be paid your July earnings by the end of September. They will send you a check in Dollars, and you can pay into your Domiciliary account. I think some Banks now have a service where you can pay in Dollar checks into your savings account. I think Access bank account has that.  Okay, I have officially spent too much time on this, ask me any further questions in the comment section. And yea, before I forget, you can make covers for your book via It is a very easy to use website where you learn to make simple eBook covers.

2.  Blogging
Yea, I am sure you know about blogging. Ever since Linda Ikeji became a millionaire through blogging, everyone and their mamas wanna go into blogging. But I must say the market is not saturated yet; far from it. Why? Because everyone is trying to do exactly what Linda is doing, so they are opening Entertainment blogs, and reporting exactly the same news Linda is reporting. There is no way anyone would visit your blog when the person can read up the same news on Linda's blog. There are sooooo many niches left untapped. So many. Just think of some form of information that Nigerians would love to read about; if you find out there is not much information on that online, then you have your gold mine right there. It could be anything. I am telling you. I have a new blog on a certain place men like to visit and I am surprised at the amount of visits I get from just 4 posts.

Let me give you other hints. You can blog about bars and their locations in Lagos (or in the state you reside in), you can blog about boutiques to get the most quality affordable clothing in your state. You can blog about best Amala joints in Ibadan (or wherever you are based). You can blog about the best hospitals in your zone, or the best hairdressers, or beauticians. You can blog about just about anything, as long as you are sure there are people out there that would love to read what you are writing about. Just be creative, and think...THINK! You don't have to rush. You can use a week or even a month to think deeply on what you want your niche to be about.

'Okay, how do I make money,' I hear someone ask. Before I speak on that, know that to get a blog is totally free. Don't let anyone fool you. Just go to and click on 'create a new blog' and follow the instructions. You will have your blog ready under 10 minutes. Make sure your blog url/name has a word in it that is related to what you write about. One of my blog's url/name is My first name is Kayode (full name is Kayode Olumide Abiodun Odusanya) and I write about rap music on that blog. Let me get back to how you make money. There is a program Google has called Google Adsense. They partner with bloggers and other publishers and share revenue from Ads placed on the blogger's blog. You would make a dollar for every thousand views you get on your blog. So, it is all about TRAFFIC. The more traffic you get, the more money you can get. It is that simple.

Of cos bigger blogs like also have direct Ads on their blog and make bigger money, but you need to have a sh^t load of traffic to get direct Ads from big companies in Nigeria. Before then, settle for Google Adsense. If you can get 100,000 pageviews on your blog in a month, you would make $100. Google will send you a check 30 days after the end of the month. So, if you get 20,000 pageviews from your new blog this month (July), Google will send you your estimated earnings of $20 via check by August month end. Simple. Before you apply for Adsense, please make sure you have at least 30 posts/articles on your Blog. If you don't understand any area I have spoken on, ask me a question in the comment section.

3. Information Marketing
This was my first means of making money online. I started this back in 2010, and perfected it in 2011. What is it all about. It is about identifying a problem, finding the solution and packaging it in a short eBook, and finding a way to advertise online for people that need the solution to see. Back in 2010, I found a solution to a sexual problem a lot of men have, I wrote a very short eBook on it (exactly 9 pages on Microsoft word) and started selling it for N3,000. At the time, I was advertising on Facebook. And I would sell 10-15 copies a week. After removing the cost for placing Ads on Facebook, I would left with about N22,000-N35,000 a week. It was the sweetest money I ever made at the time. I mean, I would be getting alerts while sleeping. There was a particular day I sold 10 copies of the book (N30,000 gross income in a day) and I was spending $5 (N750) on Ads per day at the time. Things changed when Facebook started disallowing Ads of a sexual nature. So, I looked for other means of reaching my large market.

Since I said I am going to be speaking on '3 FREE Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria' I will explain how I still make money from selling my information product without spending money on Ads. Yea, you will spend a lot of time instead, but it will be worth it in the end. So, let me rush through the whole process from the start. First, you find a problem prevalent among Nigerians; it could be on how women can get a husband, or on how women can get pregnant, or how one can travel out of Nigeria...etc. Just be creative. After that, go find the solution to that problem. Google is your friend, and you can also ask around experts in the field in real life. After all your research, if you don't have a laptop, get an exercise book and write down your short book on the solution to the problem. You then take it to a business center to be typed, or you go to a cyber cafe and type by yourself. After that, save it on your laptop if you have on, or save it in your email address outbox/sent messages if you are using a Cyber Cafe.

Next thing, you open a blog (go to it is totally free). Make sure words of the problem you have written about are in the url of the blog you are opening. After this, write a sales letter on the blog. A sales letter is an advertisement of the product/book you want to sell. Get creative, and make your potential buyers believe you. At the end of the sales later (which should describe the product/eBook you are selling), put down your bank details, and ask anyone that is interested in the book to pay into the bank and that once they pay, they should alert you with a call or text message, after which you would send the book to their email address. Of cos we live in Nigeria, and a lot of people won't trust you. So, out of the 100 people that would see your Ad, maybe 1-2 will buy. But trust me, it is worth it.

So, how do you advertise your product without spend money? You indirectly advertise on Linda Ikeji's blog and on Nairaland. These are the two biggest social websites in the country. So how do you advertise on them? Let's start with Linda's blog. She posts at least 80 posts a day, or maybe even more, so you have to stay on her blog and comment on all those posts immediately after she posts a new article/news. After leaving a good comment related to the post, you post a link to your sales letter below comment. This is how you make the link clickable-

1.  Open a Microsoft word page on your laptop or desktop you are using.

2.  Copy and paste the code below in it-

<a href="URL">Title</a>

3.  Delete "URL" from the code above and put the url of your blog page/sales letter link in there.

4.  Delete Title from the code and type out whatever you want the link you want to be leaving on Linda's blog to read.

5.  Save it.

This is what you would be copying and pasting below all your comments on Linda's page. Please note that you can only do this on a Laptop or a Desktop, and not on a phone. 

Indirect advertisement on Nairaland.
This is the second means you can use to advertise your product/eBook without spending money. But as I said, you will spend a lot of time on it.  

1.  Go to At the top of website, you will see a part that reads 'Join Nairaland,' click on it and follow the instructions to join the forum. (You don\'t have to do this if you already have an account with Nairaland).

2.  Afterwards, click on Edit Profile at the top of the website, and scroll down to where you see a box with 'Signature' written in front of it. Inside that box, put this code- [color=#990000][/color]. After that, put your advert title immediately(i.e the title should be in-between [color=#990000] and [/color]) after the first closed column in the code above, and after the title, put dash (-) and put the link of your blog/sales page.

3.  Click 'Update Profile.'

4.  Start commenting on every post that is on the front page of Nairaland. When you do this, your advertisement/link to your sales letter will automatically appear at the bottom of each of your comments.

The more you comment, the more your chances of getting a customer for your blog. Just know that over 150,000 people visit Nairaland every single day, so you have a great chance of getting prospective customers as long as you work hard on this method. 

I think I should stop here so I don't make this post too long and overwhelming. Please, ask me any further questions in the comment box. Thank you. 


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