Tuesday, 5 July 2016

How Linda Ikeji Makes Her Millions

It is hard for a lot of people to believe that Blogging can pay someone so much money without any other illegal or illicit moves on the side. People find it hard to believe that Linda Ikeji, without a 'brick and mortar' office can buy a half a billion house in Banana Island. 'No, she must be a runs girl on the side.' A lot of people say while gossiping with friends. Truth be told, the girl makes between 30-40 million Naira monthly. #Fact.

I know it is hard to believe, but you have to know she has the most popular and most visited blog in Nigeria. With over half a million pageviews daily. Traffic=Money. She makes a sh^t load of money from the Ads placed on her Blog by advertisers. I want to take time out to speak on the intricate details of how she actually makes so much money.

 Let's jump right in.

The Total Page Takeover
As the name implies, this Ad on Linda's blog site is when the advertiser takes over the whole background of Linda's blog for one full month. A school in Abuja had the whole of last month and I think the month before, but I don't think she has gotten a new client for the month of July. So, if you go on her blog now (Tuesday, 5th July, 2016), you would see the background is plain red. That is the natural background of her blog when she doesn't have any Ad on it. The total page takeover cost N4,000,000 per month.

Top Leaderboard Ad Unit
This is another money maker for her. Last year, Jumia paid for twelve months straight for one of the Leaderboard Ads at the top of Linda's blog. Each Leaderboard Ad unit cost One Million Naira a month. She has two up right now (that's N2,000,000), and some times, she would have as much as 4 up there. You can see examples of the Ad unit below. This pictures of her blog was taken this morning. You can see they are two leaderboard Ad units in the picture below. One by MTN and the other by First Bank Nigeria.

Side Banners
Side banners are the Banner Ad units on each side of Linda Ikeji's blog. They fluctuate between a total of 20-25 at each given time. Right now, they are a total 23 rectangular banner Ads  on each side of her blog. I will break all of them down to how much they generate in revenue for her.

-Top Side Banners
The top right and the top left banners are more expensive than the rest cos they are the first side banners you see. They go for N500,000 monthly. They are two, so that makes it a total of N1,000,000 from these two Ad units in a month.

-Google Adsense Ad Units (4 rectangular Ad units)
Google Adsense is a program Google has with Bloggers/Web Site Owners, where you get paid for placing Ads on their blog. You can place a total of 3-4 Ads all over your blog, and you get paid per click or per impression. If we are working on per impression, you get paid $1 for every 1,000 pageviews you get on your blog. Linda gets 15,000,000 page views per month on her blog, which brings her revenue to about $15,000 dollars a month. Using N300 to a dollar, that's N4,500,000 a month from Google Adsense earnings.

Below is an example of the Google Ad units on her blog. You can identify them with the light blue signs on the top right corner of the Ads.

-Other Side Banners
The other side banners on her Blog apart from the ones mentioned above cost N400,000 a month. They are a total of 15 on the blog as of the time of posting this article. Do the math, and you will come to a total of N6,000,000 monthly from this. Below are some examples of the other side banners.

There is another category of side Ad units, which are the two Linda Caller Tunes banners (one on each side of the blog) on her blog. But the way she makes money from these Ads are not clear, so I can's speak on them. Below is an example of the Linda Ikeji Caller Tunes banner on her Blog.

One Off Guest Posts
This is another big money maker for Linda. Musicians, companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses want to advertise their new and existing products, and some use Linda's one off guests posts. This way, they write an article about the product, and pay for it to appear on Linda's Blog as a post. Upcoming musicians also use this medium to showcase their new songs or videos. It is relatively cheap compared to the others, and it benefits both parties involved. Linda makes cool N50,000 from a guest post, and the clients enjoy the advantage of their products being exposed to over 150,000 people for that day.

Linda does about 8-12 guest post Ads each and every day. You can verify this by yourself. Just go on her blog and check through the guests posts of the day. I started writing this article around 10 am today, and she already had 4 guests posts up as of today. That is N200,000 in revenue already today. Before the end of today she would have nothing less than 10 guest posts up on her blog- that is a cool N500,000 in the  bank in a day;  And N15,000,000 in thirty days.

Below are some examples of guests posts on her Blog. The first three are from this morning, and the remaining two are from yesterday.

So, let's add up. 4+2+1+4.5+6+15=32.5

Yup! Plus or minus, Linda Ikeji makes about N32.5 million Naira from her Blog (lindaikejisblog.com) monthly. Everything I said in this post is verifiable. Just go to her blog, check the left side, you will see a small box with a phone number to call if you want to place Ads on her Blog. Call and find out the amount for each Ad unit, and crosscheck with what I have listed in this article.

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