Friday, 29 July 2016

Was the 'Save Mayowa' Campaign a Scam

So, this story is what is all over the social media world right now. Let me try and summarize the story. Some days ago, a girl with Ovarian cancer, Mayowa Ahmed Shukurat filmed a short video of herself speaking on how she needs money for treatment, and then posted it on Instagram. Her friends spread the word on the world wide web, and it got the attention of Nigerian actress, Toyin Aimakhu, who took up the campaign, and called a lot of her friends in the entertainment industry for help. In a very short span of time (they actually raised 32 million Naira in three days), they were able to raise $100,000 for Mayowa's treatment abroad. Then the bubble burst.

Toyin Aimakhu kept going to see Mayowa at LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) everyday, with a large number of fans. And then, yesterday, the brother instructed the matron to ask everyone to leave, including Toyin. But Toyin felt she was the King Kong (she actually said that in her YNaija interview), the main person that got the funds, and that she shouldn't be asked to leave after all that she had done for the family. But as the family members later said, Mayowa needed rest so as to be strong enough when it was time to travel, and the daily crowd that visited her weren't helping her case.

So, after being chased out, Aimakhu felt there was something fishy, and started asking questions. She later said (her words though, not confirmed) that she found out that the doctors at LUTH had told the family members that there was nothing medically that could be done to save Mayowa's life, and that her case was far gone. So, Toyin Aimakhu concluded that if the family knew this, they were not collecting money for Mayowa's treatment, but were collecting money for their own benefits. In order words, she believed they scammed Nigerians. Linda Ikeji took up the story, and the over 200,000 people that visit Linda's blog daily spread the news like wildfire. Personally, I feel Linda was too much in the rush to post the story, she didn't report it well, but that is another story.

After Toyin Aimakhu came with her accusations via an interview with, the family members (Mayowa's sister and her cousin) granted an interview, right there in LUTH hospital. In the interview, they shot down the claims by Aimahku that they scammed Nigerians. They said no doctor told them that their sister was beyond treatment. And also spoke on their plans of flying of flying Mayowa out of the country for further treatment. The claims that they had locked their house and ran away with the money was also shot down, as Pulse went to Mayowa's home, and even met with the woman that takes care of Mayowa.

My take on the whole thing is that, the family might or might not have had the knowledge that their sister's case was/is beyond cure. But, I know that no family will sit back and watch a loved one die, without trying every means possible to keep her life. I find it funny that Linda would insinuate that the girl planned with her family to scam Nigerians. I think that is a very insensitive and heartless thing to say about someone that is sick and dying.

So, what do you guys think? Do you think it is a scam? Checkout some of the video interviews on the case below.

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