Saturday, 19 November 2016

Why Do Some Brides Show So Much Cleavage on Their Wedding Day?

Every time I attend a wedding ceremony, this question crosses my mind- why do some brides show so much cleavage on their wedding day. I am not a moralists or anything, I am just curious. I have seen ladies who never did that on a regular go all the way with it on their wedding day. Is there some sort of ritual there I don't know about?

I am just thinking, since you are getting married to one man on that day, why show boobs to the world? Is it to tell people that you still got firm boobs? Is it to show the man what he would be getting? This obviously cannot be the case...we are in 2016. Is it to add to the bride's beauty in some way? I really just want to know.

I think some times it is overdone, especially at a church wedding, where the bride has to stand in front of a priest/pastor for long minutes, with her breasts all in his face. I just think it would be a great discomfort for the man, who is probably sexually repressed.

Below is a picture of a Nigerian blogger who decided to go without makeup on her wedding least she still looks good all covered up and without makeup. As I said before, I am not a prude, I just want to know why some brides expose so much cleavage on their wedding day.

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