Tuesday, 17 January 2017

9 Ways Nigerian Actors Make Money

In this article, I am going to be using the word actor to cover bought actors and actresses. So, when I say actor, please note that I am referring to both the male and female in the movie industry. How do Nollywood actors make money? Well, they really don't make as much as you think from the movies they appear in; this is why they have devised many other means of raking in cash yearly. Today, I am going to be talking about 9 ways Nigerian actors make money.

Before I dive into this, I would like to share something Ramsey Nouah said in an interview two years ago; "I know that some actors are being paid N30,000 to N100,000 per movie. New faces get paid that much and that is a good start and a stepping stone." (Topcelebritiesng.com). For him to imply that this is good pay, you have an idea what Nollywood actors make. Apart from the few that make a few millions a movie, most of them don't even earn as much as regular job earners make yearly.

Below are 9 ways Nollywood actors make money.

1.  From Their Acting 
This is the first on the list, cos naturally, this is meant to be where they get the most money from, but for some of them, this is where they get their least money from. You ever wonder why some actors in the Yoruba movie scene act dozens of movies a year? It's because they maybe get paid about 50 thousand Naira per movie, and they need to appear in like 2 dozen movies a year for their income from acting to make some sense. Even Odunlade Adekola that makes an average of 250,000 Naira per movie still takes up dozens of movie roles a year to be able to make a decent income.

2.  Endorsement Deals
This is an area where the actors make the bulk of their money from. Most of the A-List actors like Rita Dominic, Funke Akindele, IK Ogbonna, Omotola Jalade and the likes make tens of millions of Naira yearly from endorsement deals. While Funke Akindele's 20 million Naira deal with Vita Foam might seem huge, you also have the likes of Genevieve Nnaji getting a whooping 100 million Naira from an Etisalat Endorsement deal. The more popular your brand is as an actor, the better your chances of commanding big bucks from endorsement deals.

3.  Personal Side Business
Yea, most actors have side businesses they get into to make ends meet. Whether it is owning a saloon, running a nightclub, or traveling to Dubai to buy wears/shoes to be sold in Nigeria, your average Nigerian actor is a hustler. This is more common with the females though.

4.  Payment for Gracing Occasions
I guess they learnt from the the likes of Kim Kardashian who get paid for appearing at functions. Yup! Nigerian celebrities also get paid to grace occasions, and they don't even have to do an MC job or anything; they just have to show face, eat your food, and bounce. lol! Yea, your party would be more talked about if certain celebrities are present, so why not spend some cash, right? Well, it is a win-win for both parties involved.

5.  High Class Prostitution
I am not claiming that most of them do this, but a couple of actresses get into the acting movie business solely for this. They take up really seductive roles, and make sure they appear in as many movies as possible (even paying to appear in some), and then they wait for the calls (or let their pimps do the job). I used to think this was a rumor till a friend of mine who drives an exotic rent-a-car got a rich client who gets off sleeping with popular Nollywood actresses. I don't want to mention names here, but he told me a couple of Nollywood actresses he has personally picked up and taken to hotels for his boss. From eavesdropping one day, he heard the man paid a particular actress a million Naira for a weekend of sex. I was like...Whoa!

I know this is hard to believe, but I would like to post something a Nollywood actress said about this in a recent interview- "Most of these girls use acting as a platform for prostitution, showcasing their selling point to older and loaded guys who need their services."- (Quote from Hannah Ogundare's interview with Naijagist.com)

6.  Cash Gifts From Fans and Admirer 
Someone might see a an actor in a movie and want to really appreciate him/her. The person might then go ahead to ask for the actors bank details so he can send the actor as a token of appreciation. This happens all the time, and it doesn't necessarily mean the fan wants anything back. Some fans even pay for actors drinks at the club just so they can become friends with them. And money not spent is money saved, right?

7.  Political Affiliations 
A couple of Nollywood actors like Desmond Elliot and Kate Henshaw have gone into politics, but even those that are not fully into politics get cash gifts from big politicians from their state of origin, or from politicians who want them to help with swaying their fans to support them during election time.

8.  Producing Movies 
Yea, actors don't only seat back and act now they also produce movies, and get a chunk of cash back from their investment if the movie becomes a success.

9.  Anchoring Events
Actors get money from anchoring different types of events; as small as a get together parties, to as big as Nigerian Idols type of events.

So, there you have it. 9 ways Nigerian actor make money. You can add more to the list if you know any more. Thank you.


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  2. Its true.... Especially the high class prostitution part.


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