Friday, 27 January 2017

Is Buhari Dead?

Is Buhari dead? That seems to be question on the minds of majority of Nigerians right now. The Nigerian president went on a two week holiday in UK last week, and news from the presidency before his departure was that he was also going to have a medical checkup while abroad. And a few days after he departed, the rumors started.

There have been different versions of the rumor. Some said he went for an organ transplant and died during the operation. Others said he died of cardiac arrest. While some others said he committed suicide. What are we to believe, right? And people are buying into these stories because they haven't seen enough proof to convince them otherwise. Maybe if they saw the president holding up a current newspaper in a live video they would stop buying into the rumors. But I am guessing Buhari feels the rumors are to petty for him to pay attention to. Well, he is scheduled to be back in a few days, so I guess it is only a matter of time before everyone knows the truth.

Personally, I do not believe he is dead. He has too enemies that have the power and connections to get solid intelligence, and if Buhari was truly dead, those individuals would have made it their mission to spread the story, unadulterated, to the people. I know someone like Fayose (current Governor of Ekiti state) would most likely have spearheaded spreading this rumor of Buhari's death if Buhari was really dead. Think about it...the man has been wishing the president dead since even before Buhari became the elected president in 2015. Just before the 2015 presidential elections, Governor Fayose went ahead to do a full page ad in the dailies that cost him millions, warning Nigerians that Buhari might die any time soon.

As I said above, I guess it is a waiting game for us right now. We will know for sure in about a week whether president Muhammadu Buhari is alive or dead.

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