Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Apostle Suleiman; The Nigerian Pastor that Instructed his Church Members to Kill

Right now, Nigeria is in turmoil. We are in a recession and nothing seems to be going right. The Nigerian army is still battling the terrorist group, Boko Haram; the Igbos are agitating for their own country (Biafra); the economy is really bad; Fulani Herdsmen are killing innocent citizens, etc. Everything that can go wrong in a country is happening in Nigeria right now. I feel the Government of the day is not doing enough about the Fulani herdsmen killings, but I don't think asking Christians to kill any Fulani Herdsman they see is the way forward. Two wrongs will and can never make a right, and inciting that kind of violence is a sure way for more chaos in this country.

A few days ago, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries (a certain church in Abuja, Nigeria) told his thousands of church members to kill anybody they see that resembles a Fulani Herdsman. He even went ahead to back up the validity of his request of killings by citing the part of the Bible where David killed Goliath. He also said after they have killed a Herdsman, that they should bring the head of the herdsman to the church altar, and that they would use it as an offering. Is this the right words to be coming out of the mouth of a Pastor?

Read his words below...

"Somebody sent me a message and called me and said to me, 'Are you alone?' I said 'Yea.' He said, 'I want to talk to you.' I said, 'What is it?' He said, 'There is a plan to send Fulani Herdsmen after you.' I said, 'after who?' He said, 'After you.' I said, 'Okay.' He said, 'Why are you saying okay? I'm telling you to be careful.' I said, 'Careful of what?' He said, 'They are going to just run into the road like Herdsmen, you know, cause confusion...while your security men are trying to clear them, and you come out, they open fire.' I said, 'Okay.' After about a week, after two weeks, he called me. He said, 'Please, if you don't do that, they might bring them around church premises.' I said, 'It is okay. Are you the one they are after? It's me. I said, it's okay.' And I told my people, I said, 'ANY FULANI HERDSMAN YOU SEE AROUND YOU, KILL HIM." (Sermon Where Pastor Suleiman Instructed his Members to Kill Herdsmen)

These are the words of a pastor that heads a church with hundreds of thousands of members. Members that most times act on what their pastor says without thinking twice. I am sure he would fly out of the country if a religious or tribal war starts and people begin to kill themselves on the road, because their pastors or Imams told them too. Yea, some Fulani Herdsmen have killed people in villages (not necessarily Christians alone or only people from the South), and I feel the Nigerian Military isn't doing enough to curb the killing, but not all Fulani Herdsmen are killers. So, he wants his church members to go about killing any Fulani Herdsman they see? What kind of teachings is that from a religious leader? 

For those that don't know, Fulani Herdsmen are Fulani men (Fulani is a major ethnic group in the Northern part of Nigeria, and also in other neighboring West African countries like Mali, Niger and Guinea) who rear Cattle/Cow for rich men in the North. They take the cows from up north, down south to feed on grass. I am sure if you have traveled along the interstate roads in the country, you would have seen them...peaceful looking, with their sticks around their necks, walking their cattle along the expressway. As I said earlier, not all of them are peaceful...and also, not all of them are violent. What this man (Pastor Suleiman) is doing can cause a genocide, because he is not only indirectly saying there is a war against Christians, he is also saying there is a war against the South by the Northerners. 

Read more of his hateful words from his pulpit...

"If they are busy killing Christians and nothing is happening, we will kill them and nothing will happen. I said I am not going to talk this year, so let me not talk...Many people in Kaduna are now widows because some people feel they own power (indirectly talking about Northerners). Kill them. Am I talking to somebody here? Are we Christians? Are we believers? Yes.You can't be widows. You can't be widowers. You can't be...because of some devilish people that say they have a religion (referring to Muslims)." (Pastor Suleiman Inciting Violence During a Church Service)

Preaching hate is never the way to go, and I hope this man knows the power he has over his church members. I guess that is what has really intoxicated him and made him talk this way. After this violence inciting sermon, the DSS made an attempt to arrest him, but the Ekiti state Governor (Fayose) blocked the move. He then said, during an interview that if he spends one day in their custody, that he would call up his church members in the over 40 countries over the world to cause a level of chaos that would take Nigeria a year to recover from. Hmm! Isn't this going too far? No one should be above the law. Anyway, read his words on this below. 

"I was very uncomfortable, so I said, no, so I called some people, 'They are some men here who say they want to see me. At this dead hour of the night. Is...Is...something is fishy.' Only for the people to come and discover that they are DSS men...with trucks and all that. But the Governor (Fayose) came and took me out of the hotel. They (DSS men) were trying to break into the room and all that. It was the crowd that scared them. But the truth I want to pass out...if anything...If I spend a day with the security operatives. IF I SPEND ONE DAY WITH THE SECURITY OPERATIVES, I HAVE CHURCHES IN 42 COUNTRIES, AND I HAVE ALERTED THEM. EVERY NIGERIAN EMBASSY IN THOSE COUNTRIES WILL BE IN TROUBLE. IF I SPEND ONE DAY WITH THE SECURITY OPERATIVES. THE DAMAGE THAT WILL HAPPEN IN NIGERIA WILL TAKE ONE YEAR TO REPAIR. IN THIS COUNTRY ALONE, I HAVE HALF A MILLION PEOPLE. IF I SPEND ONE DAY, THE DAMAGE THAT WILL HAPPEN IN NIGERIA WILL TAKE ONE YEAR TO REPAIR." (Recent Interview of Apostle Suleiman)

I have not written anything the man didn't say. You can take time to watch the videos in the links at the end of all his quotes above. 

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