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Apostle Johnson Suleman Tried to Kill Me- Stephanie Otobo

Every once in a while, a sensational story hits the media that gets people excited, perplexed, and some utterly disgusted. Regardless of how people feel, this story attracts lots of people to it- right now, the story of such caliber is that of a certain Nigerian pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman and his alleged lover, Stephanie Otobo. A lot has been said and countered in the last couple of days since the story burst out last week Friday, but the latest is Stephanie's claims that Apostle Suleman tried to kill her when he found out she was pregnant for his child.

If you are new to this story, I would like to run through the story real quick to let you know what is really going on. Last week, news broke out that a certain Stephanie Otobo (a Canadian stripper/singer) had tried to blackmail Apostle Suleman (Omega Fire Ministries G.O) for a sum of $1,000,000. It doesn't say whether the man of God paid the sum into her account or not, but we were told that the girl's account was frozen and she and her 'alleged' clan of blackmailers were arrested when they tried to withdraw some money from her account inside the bank after she couldn't do so with her ATM. The girl was locked up for a couple of days and all we heard was Apostle Suleman's side of the story, where he said the girl had affiliations with Boko Haram and that she was trying to blackmail and kill him. When the girl and her lawyer, Festus Keyamo were able to get her out of police custody on Monday, Stephanie Otobo opened a can of worms.

In a short interview she granted to media houses immediately after her release (on bail), she said a lot of things about having an intimate relationship with the pastor, how he told her of his threesome escapades with some Nollywood actresses, and so on.  She also spoke on how he allegedly poisoned her drink after she told him she was pregnant.

Below are her exact words on this...

"That I signed that I had nothing to do with Pastor Apostle Johnson Suleman is a lie. After I had something with him he tried to kill me. That is an offence. Because how many has he killed or tried to kill that couldn't talk? Because I can talk I have to talk. You know. How many people has he done this to and got away with? He is a pastor, he is supposed to be a man of God. Apostle Johnson Suleman. And he also said Keyamo is not my lawyer, that I signed that, I did not sign that, because he (Festus Keyamo) is right here in the court. I didn't sign that. So, he is lying a lot. He is lying a lot and he is trying to kill me. That needs to end. Because I don't know who ever he's killed and got away with. He can't kill me. This is his end." (Stephanie Otobo Interview)

Hmm! Heavy words, right? I don't think someone would just make all this up if she didn't really happen or she did't have evidence to back her claims up. And Festus Keyamo is no small boy lawyer; he wouldn't take up a case like this if he felt he didn't have enough evidence to nail Apostle Suleman. We have already seen a tip of the iceberg with the video call pics between Apostle Suleman and Stephanie, where she was even half nude at one point.

Read more about how she said Apostle Suleman tried to kill her...

"I met him up at a hotel, and I was there waiting for him. He came, and he gave me, he brought a juice that we should drink. I drank it, and I was waiting for him to drink, he said, oh he was tired and he needed pepper-soup. He ordered pepper-soup from the hotel. So we ate and drink and had sex. This man leaks me from head to toe. He leaks every part of my body. Like if I don't let him leak me or see my private picture if he is not with me, he can't go to the alter and speak in tongues. He said I make him speak in tongues. So, I trusted this man so much. I drank what he gave me. That day when he left, I started, my stomach ran me, and I started stooling blood everywhere. I was scared. I called my mom and I called my friend, they said it's..." (Stephanie Otobo Interview)

At this point one of the reporters stopped her to ask when she started dating the Apostle and she answered with...

"I've been dating him since 2015. I heard he said 14, I never knew him 2014. He arrested me...when I came to Nigeria, because of the spiritual battle, after I lost the baby, stooling blood, I couldn't sleep, he's still fighting me. When I was in Nigeria, he was fighting me, I ran to my dad in Abuja. My dad knew about the issue. My dad prayed for me, helped me, nurtured me util I went back to Canada. After I left to Canada, after my father had nurtured me back, after a while, the blood started again. After I have lost the baby and everything, the blood started again." (Stephanie Otobo Interview)

You can click on the link to watch her full interview. I want to say some things in closing. A lot of people are on the Pastor's side because he is a man of God and the lady is a stripper. But I am not being judgmental here, from all I have heard from her, and all the pictures released, I believe this girl. First of all, Apostle Suleman never denied sending the girl money on multiple occasions, but he claimed he did that just to help the girl financially. Hmm!

 People said the pictures were photoshopped. I don't think so. The pictures look photoshooped because they were screen munched on the girl's phone, printed out and handed over to the police and other authorities. And then, someone snapped those printed out pictures with another phone, and circulated them online, which is why they look doctored. They said the girl looked bustier in the pictures than in real life. If you have time, go online and watch her music video from 2016 (her stage name is Kimora, and the name of the song is ''GIRLFRIEND"), you would see how she really looked before she started having the blood stooling issue and losing weight- she was really busty.

I wouldn't say the girl is completely innocent though. She might have been blackmailing Apostle Suleman, but that she is lying about having a sexual affair with the pastor, I don't believe that. I don't think the girl is making all these up. The man of God has many followers, money, and power, and would obviously try to use this to his advantage, but I am sure the whole truth would come out in the end. I know how hard it can be for people to believe a spiritually inclined man like Apostle Suleman can risk everything he has built for sex with a stripper, but trust me, I have been writing books on the area of man's sexual energy for 7 years now, that urge can make most men do the unthinkable. As long as the man is healthy, there is no telling what any man would do to quench his sexual appetite. Apostle Suleman is a man, not a Demigod.

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  1. Thanks for you analysis but you are wrong,of course he is a man but you have forgotten not all men will fall into sex trap ,only those that lack self has long been overrated,8t not everybody.i pray all of you who are using your platform to attract traffic to your site because of apostle Suleiman will not love money more than your soul because if you make all money through blogging carrying lies and loss your soul,you are fool .read Matthew 4,5,6.may God give you Christ and be born again then you can pray that God will reveal the truth to you.good morning


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