Thursday, 28 November 2013

45 Year Old Man Rapes 75 Year Old Woman In Ekiti

It is seems funny incidences like this are on the rise in the country lately. Or could it be that they have always been happening, but weren't well documented? It was recently reported that a 45 year old man in Ekiti state raped a 75 year old woman, who he claims is his mistress.

A 45 year old plantain farmer, Lawrence Adedapo, has been arrested by the Police for allegedly Molesting a 75 year old woman, Grace Asaolu, at Ogbese Camp, Ise Ekiti in Ise-Orun Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

It was gathered that Adedapo invited his victim into his room to collect plantain, which he brought for her from his farm on November 7

The suspect reportedly took advantage of the old woman by overpowering her and had carnal knowledge of her.

Asaolu said, “Lawrence Adedapo is my neighbour. He invited me to come and collect plantain but instead he pushed me on his children’s bed and forcefully had canal knowledge of me

“I later rushed to the police station to report the matter”.
The suspect confirmed that he had canal knowledge of the woman but denied forcing her into it.
He claimed that Asaolu was his mistress.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Ekiti Command, Mr. Victor Babayemi, ASP, said, “In the course of investigation, facts emerged that the suspect knew the victim to be of old age, 75 and in menopause.

“She could not have been bleeding without tampering with her organ. Medical report shows that there was a violent intimate assault on her; she was also said to be distressed with her Core smeared with fresh blood”. (

Hmm! Maybe the man misread the closeness of the woman as a show of interest in him, but it is hard to imagine a 45 year old woman getting sexually aroused by a 75 year old woman. This is just a really bad situation, because the lady would have a hard time dealing with this incidence psychologically for the rest of her life. Some Yoruba people will call this 'afise', but there is really nothing spiritual here. The man is probably one of those men that believe they can totally control their sexual urge, so they take the power for granted. You see how a cock chases a hen when it is in heat, a man's situation can be worse if he disregard that powerful sex drive in him.

I know some people might be thinking I am over exaggerating things. Women wont even understand, and they will keep calling men dogs. How can they understand? It is impossible. It is like saying a heterosexual man can understand why a homosexual man is attracted to men. I am taken anyone's side, and I don't support any acts of molestation, I am just trying to get to the root of the matter. Women don't understand that an average man's sex drive is 3 times that of an average woman. Men can use up that sexual energy via strenuous physical labour, creative thinking/mental work, or actual sexual intercourse. This is the reason why idle priests have very high cases of sexual molestation cases against them...they rarely do anything to use up that energy. And this might be the case with this farmer, who has most like done the planting (the strenuous work), and is now waiting (a lot of idle time) for harvesting time.

I just think sexual education in Nigeria should be taught at all levels, to reduce the cases of sexually molestation against women in the country. Last week Thursday, according to the chair-person of The International Federation of Women Lawyers, Enugu branch, Nkiru Ugwu-Nwabueze announced at a meeting that 15 children in Enugu state alone were molested by their fathers between July and  November, this year.

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