Monday, 28 July 2014

Atheism Is Not A Religion

"Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position."
- Bill Maher

First of all, I like to clarify something...I am not an Atheist. I consider myself more of a Universalist. I don't know if there is any word like that, but that is how I can describe myself. I believe that their is a supreme being, and he has given us the allowance to reach him in various ways...whether through Mohamed, or Jesus, or Budha...It is still one source; one destination, we are just on different paths to the same destination.

I try to study all the religions of the world, and non religious beliefs too, and know why everyone thinks or believes what they do. In all this, I have noticed that religious people tend to mistake Atheism for a religion. They believe Atheist are 'a people' who have chosen to turn their back on God. Some go ahead to believe that Atheists gather together somewhere and make some plans to take over the world and turn everyone to atheists; or that they collectively worship Baphomet or the devil and all that...all these beliefs of Atheists are far from the truth.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Is Creativity Birthed From Pain? The Dark Side of Some Famous Authors

"However, I never claimed that art cannot be produced without suffering, only that art produced without suffering is not likely to be very good."

-Christopher Zara 

It seems the most beautiful art is always produced from a place of pain and suffering. I don't mean all artists have to suffer to create art, but from experience and research, I have discovered that the ones who create the finest and most memorable pieces of art are individuals that have gone through a lot of emotional traumas in life. Some have said that mental illness is closely related to the state of mind of creativity. You doubt? Do a little research of your own; read a little about the personal lives of some of most notable artists in history, and you will notice one similar quality they all have...they all have suffered or still suffer from some sort of mental illness, or have experienced multiple heart breaks, or lived troubled lives.

Ernest Hemingway was a drunk, Sylvia Plath killed herself by sticking her head in her kitchen oven, Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear during an argument and later killed himself. I can't generalize on these few artists, but you can carry out your own research on other artists you know. My focus today is on famous authors and their struggles in life. They might be rich, but most of them experience a lot of emotional pain, countless heartbreaks, alcoholism, and depression. It is almost like their creativity is birthed out of the suffering they experience in life. Please note that suffering is not only associated with financial struggles; a lot of people with money can still be depressed in life.

Friday, 18 July 2014

18 Famous LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) People

I still believe Gay people don't choose to be so, they are just so. You can argue on the fact that maybe it is a psychological problem, or that it is a mental illness, but I will never buy the general idea that a Gay person chooses to be so. Why would a sane man wake up one morning, look at another gay man and say to himself; "Hmm! I think I like this lifestyle where I would be ridiculed all my life. I think I like this life that can get me lynched and killed. Yea, it's a great life. I CHOOSE THIS." It doesn't ring well, and it makes no sense.

A lot of homophobic people always shout 'Death to the gay people.' 'Kill them all.' 'Burn them.' 'They don't deserve to live.' 'They are an abomination to mankind.' Now, I have taken time to do some research on Famous Gay people in the world, and I'd like to put up their names in this blog post. I think the very familiar faces/names, and what they have contributed or are contributing to the world would make people think twice before they throw hate words at them. It is also funny that Pastors/Men of God like Eddie Long, Ted Haggard, and Lonnie Latham (Prominent Baptist Minister) who have castigated Gay people in the past have turned out to be Gay. It makes you wonder whether most of the homophobic people out there aren't closet Gay people, battling with their internal wars.

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