Monday, 28 July 2014

Atheism Is Not A Religion

"Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position."
- Bill Maher

First of all, I like to clarify something...I am not an Atheist. I consider myself more of a Universalist. I don't know if there is any word like that, but that is how I can describe myself. I believe that their is a supreme being, and he has given us the allowance to reach him in various ways...whether through Mohamed, or Jesus, or Budha...It is still one source; one destination, we are just on different paths to the same destination.

I try to study all the religions of the world, and non religious beliefs too, and know why everyone thinks or believes what they do. In all this, I have noticed that religious people tend to mistake Atheism for a religion. They believe Atheist are 'a people' who have chosen to turn their back on God. Some go ahead to believe that Atheists gather together somewhere and make some plans to take over the world and turn everyone to atheists; or that they collectively worship Baphomet or the devil and all that...all these beliefs of Atheists are far from the truth.

As Comedian/TV Host, Bill Maher said in the quote above, 'Atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex position.' Get it? The simple fact that Atheists have no religion makes them non-religious people, so how can Atheism be a religion? Atheists don't have any qualities of religious people; they don't meet in groups, they don't have a specific book that guides them, and they don't dress in a specific way. Christians believe that they serve the one true God and that every other religion serves false gods; Atheists believe that the God that Christians serve and the other gods all don't exist. Some Atheist might believe in a supreme being, or a cosmic force, but they just don't believe in the man in the sky theory of most religions.

So, let me repeat again, Atheism is not a religion, and Atheist definitely don't meet up somewhere to listen to sermons/teachings. I have this Atheist Grand Uncle that is in his late 80s. The man traveled to Britain from Nigeria in the 1940s to further his studies. He went as a religious man, and came back an Atheist. The man stays alone (His wife and kids have remained in the U.K all this while) in a house of five rooms cos people keep trying to convert him back to Christianity, so he decided to spend more time by himself. Their belief is that he has turned his back on the Christian God, but they don't want to understand that maybe he merely got knowledge that supersedes that which they hold, and which he now holds on to. He doesn't read any atheist guide book (it doesn't exist), he doesn't go out to any Atheist gatherings (there is really is none), and he is happy with his life. What I always found funny all those years as a teenager was that my Mom and her other siblings would always run to the man for advise.

So, in closing, Atheism is not a religion. Atheism is a religion like baldness is a hair color. If life was a University, and the different departments/faculties were religions, then an Atheist is that man that never went to the University or any school to get his knowledge about life. So, how can you use the rules of a University to judge him? I just believe we can and should co-exist in this world. The more 'a people' believe their religion is the right one and that it is superior to others, the more we would fight and kill each other. It is happening right now in Nigeria, and the world over. 

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