Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Jesus Was Not a Christian

Yea, it is a funny statement, but Jesus was not a Christian. A lot of people don't really understand the genesis of the religion called Christianity. Christians are meant to be followers of Christ, but how many of his ways do they follow? Today's Christianity is a mix of so many religions, and people choose what part of the Bible to follow. People should know that Jews orchestrated the death of Jesus of Nazareth because they believed he was blasphemous in claiming to be the son of God. After his death was when Christianity was birthed, as a small select of his followers started working in his ways, thus being called Christians.

It is also necessary to note that the Bible wasn't written till 400 years after the Death of Jesus Christ. 400 years. This means that none of the people that witnessed him while on Earth were around to help write the Bible. Think about that. And it is also funny that Jews still don't believe Jesus was the son of God, but they are believed to be God's chosen people. Till this day, Jews do not believe in Christ, and thus are not Christians, but there place is said to be reserved in heaven. A lot of people don't even know that the Torah (the Hebrew holy book) is part of the Old Testament. I don't think the Christian Bible should have the old Testament. The Bible should be just the new testament...If it is meant for Christians (Christ followers), it shouldn't have any part of the old testament. Maybe for reference purposes or further reading, but I feel the old and new testaments greatly contradict each other, and has caused a lot of confusion in the world today. Jesus was not even a Jew, he was a Judean.

Jesus was not a Christian in the way Christianity is currently portrayed. Jesus preached love...even for your enemy. Jesus never preached wishing death on your enemy. If Jesus had come in this time and age, he would still have been killed by over-religious people. Because Jesus was not religious in his time, he came to change everything...every law that the Jews were following at the time was questioned by Jesus. Jesus was not religious, he was spiritual; there is a big difference there. he taught people on mountains, at river banks, at market squares, rarely was he preaching to people via the system of the religion of the day. So much of the ways of Christianity currently in the world is far from being christ-like. Read this quote from Desmond Tutu.

"God is not Christian. We are supposed to proclaim the God of love, but we have been guilty as Christians of sowing hatred and suspicion: we commend the one whom we call the Prince of Peace, and yet as Christians we have fought more wars than we care to remember. We have claimed to be a fellowship of compassion and caring and sharing, but as Christians we often sanctify socio-political systems that belive this, where the rich grow ever richer and the poor grow ever poorer."

-Desmond Tutu


  1. yeah, very true

  2. Misleading- more than half the Bible (OT) was written pre-Christ, and many of the Gospels and epistles were written within 60-100 years of Jesus' death/Resurrection (GoJohn, for example, was the last one written ~90CE). Those books weren't codified until the 300s CE, but to say that the books weren't written for 400 years isn't accurate.

  3. There is so much wrong with this blog post I barely know where to start.

    Let's go with some of the factual errors;

    The New Testament is a collection of books and letters written (most scholars agree) between 35 and 95AD, so not 400 years. You may be thinking of when the canon of NT was decided, around the 4th century AD, so the 300's, but the scriptures themselves were written within a generation or two of Jesus' death, by men who had known him personally (Matthew, John, Peter, James) or others who had carefully researched the accounts they gave (Mark, (based, it is thought on the preaching of Simon Peter) Luke) and Paul, an apostle who led the early church in diaspora.

    The OT and NT tell the whole story of God's relationship with man, the Torah is part of the OT, the Pentateuch, the first five books of the OT, usually ascribed to Moses, although it's impossible that he wrote it in its entirety. The Torah is often referred to as the law, however it is far more relational than a set of ordinances or commands, it is far more subtle than that.

    Jesus was a Jew, in fact he was a Rabbi, he knew, quoted and taught from scripture, particularly from the book of Deuteronomy although he quotes widely from across the scriptures.

    Jews do not believe in Jesus, actually Jesus is respected and revered in Judaism and there are many Jews who have recognised Jesus as Messiah, whilst keeping their Jewish heritage, Messianic Jews. Jesus is also recognised as a prophet (although not Messiah) in Islam where his teaching is also revered.

    Jesus was not religious, is a matter of opinion, certainly Jesus spoke out against people who were religious at the expense of the well being of the people, but Jesus prayed, knew scripture, took part in religious ceremonies, like passover. He was not religious at the expense of the truth, but he was pious, he worshipped his father.

    Most of the other statements you make are wild opinion, you feel that Christians shouldn't include the OT in their bible, you think Christianity is a mix of other religions, there is little or no evidence to back this up, it's just your opinion.

    I think it's great that you have a thirst for the truth, that you are interested in knowing who Jesus is and that you are willing to examine and engage with his life, I hope that you find the real Jesus amongst the lies and obfuscations that written about him!


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