Sunday, 31 January 2016

Introverts in an Extroverted World

"I don't really meet that many other artists because I am actually kind of shy...I always feel shy in the Hollywood scene. I feel a bit like I did in high school, like I don't really fit in."- Lady Gaga

Introverts are what most people know as shy or quiet people, and extroverts are the opposite. The truth is, both introverts and extroverts are needed for balance in this world. But for a very long time, it had been an extrovert world, were introverted people were seen as abnormal people that needed help. If you are quiet and don't engage in discussions at gatherings, you are seen as a weirdo and are sometimes looked down on. Introverts (myself included) were indirectly forced to be more like the extroverts. This led to a lot living miserable false lives they could never get comfortable with, cos deep down, that wasn't who they really were. Some were able to escape the pressure by finding success in the literary world, becoming romance novelist, and science fiction authors. Others went on to create alter egos, and used the alter ego to shine on the big screen. You have a lot of legendary actors like Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood, Keanu Reeves, Julia Roberts, and a host of others who are actually introverts but appear like extroverts in movies. Brad Pitt has called himself shy person, and said his acting roles help divert attention away from his own real self- the introvert.

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Do We Really Attract What We Think About?

Exactly 10 years ago, a self-help DVD was released by Rhonda Byrne titled The Secret. Subsequently, the book format was also released, and it made the concept of The Law of Attraction a worldwide phenomena. In layman's terms, The Law Of Attraction states that we attract what we think about; that is, whatever you continually think about becomes your reality. In order words, the proponents of this theory believe that you create your life by your thoughts. Just like every theory, some people accepted it, and some kicked against it. But really, for many years, some people have always known/believed that we do attract what we think about, Rhonda Byrne just brought the concept back in a bigger way, with powerful marketing. So, do we really attract what we think about?

I won't claim to be an expert in this field, cos if I was, I would have solved all my problems by now. And trust me, I have a lot of them. But I can say I am a little more knowledgeable about this claims than the average man on the streets. But I still have a lot of unanswered questions concerning the theory. So, in this article, I would be sharing some personal examples of how I have experimented with the power of thought/visualization, and the results that I have gotten.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Top 10 Biggest Grossing Movies Of All Time in the U.S (2016 Update)

For over 10 years, Titanic was the biggest grossing movie (domestically) in U.S movie history till Avatar knocked it off the number one spot in 2009. I remember feeling bad when I heard the news of Titanic's dethronement, cos in my fantasy world, Titanic was going to be the biggest selling movie till I died. But I felt better when I found out Avatar was directed by the same person that directed Titanic, James Cameron. Now, after 7 years, another movie has kicked Avatar off the number one spot.

Below are the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time in the U.S.A.

10. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)- $448,139,099

9.  Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)- $459,005,869

8.  Star Wars (1977)- $460,998,007

7.  Star Wars: Episode One- The Phantom Menace (1999)- $474,544,677

6.  The Dark Night (2008)- $534,858,444

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Top 10 Disadvantages of Falling in Love

First of all, let me point something out; I am not a misogynist. And I don't hate love. In fact, I love love. I love love so much that I would have been writing a romance novel every week if not that I have to worry about bad sentences and editing. Love is a beautiful thing, and one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. But just like every emotion in the world, it has its opposite. This is not a perfect world. For the world to even approach perfection, we have to be flawed, cos the universe has to be dual for it to exist at all.

Let me stop. I am going into the esoteric mombo jombo region. Back to the lecture at hand. Before I go on, I would love to say that this article is talking about love between a man and a woman, not the type of unconditional love that is between say me and my little 2 year old niece, Toni. Not the type of love between mother and child, or between siblings, but that electric feeling people get when they fall in love with each other. As it has lots of advantages, it also has a bunch of disadvantages too. I have taken time to list ten disadvantages of falling in love below.

10. Possibility of Having Your Heart Broken 
Yep, as sweet as love is, there is always that possibility that you might get your heart broken. Think about it, what's the percentage of people that marry the first person they fell in love with as a teenager? Very low. What that means is that, an average adult would have gotten his/her heart broken at least 3-4 times before he or she finally finds the love of his/her life. If you have ever been heartbroken, I don't have to tell you how bad the feeling is.

9.  Loss of Freedom
Men! This is one disadvantage that kept me from getting into a relationship for a while. I make spontaneous decisions some times, and if you are like me, you might make up your mind to go somewhere or do something that has the potential of changing your life, but when you are in a relationship, you have to think of your significant other and how your moves would affect them. That can sometimes be a pen in the a$$ for an ambitious person.

Nigerians Just Left the Land of Egypt and Are Heading to the Promise Land

A lot of people might not understand this, but we are right now like the Isrealites, heading to the promise land. Like the story in the bible, our Moses has gotten us out of the suffering of the land of Egypt and is taking us through the desert to the promise land. I am sure even an atheist can understand the universal laws of nature, that for any form of change to occur in any animate or inanimate form, there has to be some sort of discomfort or pain. If an uncut diamond could speak, it will plead with gem-cutters to stop halfway while they are polishing it to shine, after picking it from the dirt.

Top 10 Nigerian Celebrities That Might Be Bleaching (2016)

It almost like most female Nigerian celebrities got bitten by a bug that turns their skin white from black, cos when I look at their pictures on screen or on the blogs these days, they all look the same color- white. It became a fad in the 80s, and even Fela sang about it in his hit song, Yellow Fever. It faded away after a while, but bleaching is big in Nigeria right now. Almost every girl you see on the streets in Nigeria right now is light-skinned, it would make you wonder what happened to all the dark-skinned beauties in the country. Well, most of them have the notion that they would be more desirable if they were 'yellow,' so they opted for one bleaching cream or the other.

Bleaching is now big business in the country. So big is the business that Cameroonian-Nigerian singer/business woman, Dencia boasted of making $2 million dollars from her skin whitening cream (Whitenicious) in 2014. Well, maybe she made most of the sales in America, but I am sure a bunch of Nigerian celebrities would have bought it too. I decided to compile this list of Nigerian celebrities who have been rumored to be bleaching, whom might as well be bleaching. I put their 'before and after' pictures beside their names, so you can be the judge.

10. Cynthia Morgan
Yea, she has always been busty, but the Nigerian queen of Dancehall music, Cynthia Morgan was not a yellow paw paw while growing up. You can see evidence of this in the before and after picture.

9.  Tonto Dikeh
Although she wasn't very dark as a kid, she sure wasn't as light skinned as she currently looks. Checkout the before and after picture of star actress, Tonto Dikeh and be the judge of whether or not she has blecahed her skin.

8.  Halima Abubakar
I guess she felt her big boobs weren't enough to sell her, she had to go and lighten her skin. I think I preferred when she was ebony colored, to the new and improved yellow Halima Abubakar.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Top 5 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs in Nigeria (2016)

We live in a fast world, where everyone wants everything to happen fast, and information is disseminated even faster. People no longer want to wait till the evening papers come out before knowing what's up, they want to get the news minutes after it breaks. They also want to hear the music immediately it is released without going to the store to get it in tape or CD format. Millions of Nigerians no longer want to go to the store to get the latest Jordans, or Louboutin shoes, they want to sit in the comfort of their homess and order for it online. This facts and many more have led to the new breed of millionaires we have in Nigeria- Rich Internet Entrepreneurs.

We at a time when every information is at the tip of your fingers (thanks to Google), and with the right level of determination and passion, you can achieve your dreams faster. You can, with your laptop and Internet connection, build a world-class company in your disorganized bedroom. Today, I am going to list 5 individuals, ordinary like you and me, who build their businesses from scratch.  Walk with me...You might be inspired to start building your own online company after reading this.

5. Seun Osewa (Founder of
Very few people know the name- Seun Osewa, but millions of Nigerians (young and old) visit daily. The Forum/Website was founded by Seun in 2005, a few years after he dropped out of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife. The forum gets an estimated 5 million pageviews daily.

He has since left off the Google Adsense ads on his site, and now gets direct ad placements. But, from the look of various empty ad spaces (boxes containing the words- How To PLACE TARGETED ADS on Nairaland) on the forum, it is clear he hasn't gotten a hang of it, and not fully maximizing the high level of traffic the forum gets daily. Experts have pegged him at earning between 10-15 million Naira Ad money from his forum monthly.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Celine Dion Loses Husband (Rene Angelil) and Brother (Daniel Dion) in the Same Week

She used to sing only in French till she started releasing songs in English too in the mid 90s. And then she became a household name towards the late 90s. She has gone on to win multiple awards and sold over 100 million copies of her albums in the last 3 decades. It is most unfortunate that after losing her husband last week Thursday, Celine Dion's elder brother has also passed on (he died on Saturday, 16th January). What a sad time it is for the Canadian singer.

India and Selfie-Related Deaths

In a recent research (According to Washington Post), it was discovered that more than half of the 27 related 'selfie' deaths in 2015 occurred in the second most populous country in Asia, India. What a very sad news. India as a country is one that I have always compared greatly with my dear country, Nigeria. One, because of the large population of both countries; being the 2nd and and 7th most populous counties in the world respectively (According to And 2, because, Indians and Nigerians like to take what is trending in the world, and turn it up another notch. This is evident in the fact that India, when Hollywood became a household name in the 70s and 80s, quickly went and named their own movie industry, Bollywood (a play on the name, Hollywood). Nigeria did the same when they named their own movie industry Nollywood.

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