Friday, 19 February 2016

10 Reasons Why You Must Get Rich

From time immemorial, people have always overlooked the importance of money, till they desperately need MONEY. Yea, money might not be everything in this world, but it sure is a very vital element in this life we live in. A woman might confess love to a man and tell him she loves him with all her heart, but let the man's funds run a bit low, and see the nagging side of her come out. Whichever way we look at it, from whichever angle we look at it, money is very important in life, and that is why I feel everyone should strive to get a lot of it and get rich. Yea, I am sounding very materialistic and vain right now, right? Please sit back and read this 10 reasons why I feel EVERYONE MUST GET RICH.

10. Money Equals Value
Yup! What is that paper you have in your wallet if it doesn't have value? It would just be any other paper you can throw in the thrash. But because it has value, it can get you things, and be used as an exchange for what you want. So, look at it this way...The more money you have, the more value you have, because paper-money really is an exchange for value. i.e, you get paid for the amount of service you can render at your job. So, the more valuable you are, the more money you would earn, and vice versa. Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, and think about how valuable that man and his head of ideas is to this world. Do you want to be valuable or...worthless? Do you want to be that nice guy everyone likes because he is 'nice,' but they overlook when serious matters come up because you are GOOD-for-nothing?

9.  Money Answereth All Things
It is even written in the Holy Bible...Ecclesiastes 10:19 says and I quote- "A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: BUT MONEY ANSWERETH ALL THINGS." This is a very bitter truth. There was a rich man that told me, "Olu, money can really solve all problems." And I said, I didn't believe. And he said, "Yea, Olumide, there are some problems that money can't solve...MORE MONEY WILL SOLVE THEM." lol!

Think about how the rich in this our country get away with so many things. Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating for you to get money illegally, or that you should be arrogant when you do get it. But, just know that money opens a lot of doors for you.

8.  You Can Help the Most People
I hear people all the time making statements such as- 'Our purpose here on Earth is to help people.' Yea, of cos you have to help people, but that is not your main purpose in life. You main purpose in life is to FOCUS ON BEING THE BEST YOU you can be, so that you can help the most people. If you decide to help people and not develop yourself, there is limit to the amount of people you can help. But if you develop yourself, say you become a musician, you would be touching millions of lives the world over with your talent. So, if you set out to become rich in a legitimate way, in the long run, you will be able to help people a million times better than an unambitious person would. This is a logical fact. Think about all the people that are employed today because Dangote decided to get rich? Also think about all the people he helps with his cash everyday.

7.  Freedom 
Oh my! This is why I do this. This is why I have embraced this entrepreneurial life. Because, really, I would rather die than have my freedom taken away from me. Let me go to bed hungry three nights in a row, I won't give up this dream, cos I love my freedom more than anything in this world. And when I finally hit my mark, then it will all make much more sense.

Think about the freedom to do just about anything you want to do...You can't do that if you are not rich. Think about waking up on a Friday and deciding you want to spend your weekend in the south of France, or in Fiji, and having no problem with getting up right there and then and going to those places. Going to Bora Bora and just basking in the ambiance of the blue waters. Fully appreciating nature and not having to think of when you have to resume at work. It's priceless.

6.  Charity 
How can you give to charity if you don't have money? How can you give the most to charity if you are not rich? How can you give to charity when you are still a charity case? The ones that give to the less privilege the most are rich people, so it makes more sense to strive to become a rich person, so you can help a lot of people that go without food everyday. 

5.  Independence
This is another reason why I am an entrepreneur. I love independence. The richer you become, the more independent you are going to become. And who doesn't like independence. It boosts your self esteem, and it also makes you a strong individual, mentally, and psychologically.

4.  The Number of People You Will be Employing
As started earlier, the richer you become, the more you would be employing (if you are an entrepreneur), and in this way, you would be helping the economy of whichever country you are citizen of. You would also be a blessing to a lot of families, because you would be the reason they have food on their tables, and their kids can go to school.

3.  The Number of People You Will Help With Your Goods or Services
Also, think of the number of people you would help with your goods or services. Think about all the people Adenuga helps with his GLO Telecommunications company. They can connect with friends and family, and can surf the Internet because of that man's ambition.

2.  Innovation 
Yea, the scientists and the geeks are the ones that come up with world changing innovations like the Radio and the Telephone and the likes, but who do you think funds them? Yea, the rich fund their research centers. They need money for all those equipment and chemicals in their labs. So, you should never downplay money again. Mark Zuckerberg was a genius, but he needed funds from his friend, Eduardo Saverin to keep his dream alive. Then in the later years, he got $500,000 seed fund from venture capitalist, Peter Thiel to take Facebook to the next level. Think about the role 'the rich' played in bringing Facebook to life, which hundreds of millions of people the world over now enjoy. 

1.  Boost in Self Esteem
And this is another great reason to get rich. Having money...having value in the community gives you a sense of importance, and a reason to be here on Earth.

So my friend, go out there and dream, plan and work your butt off to become rich. As Adekunle Gold said in his song (Pickup), 'Otedola o lori meji.' Meaning, Forte Oil boss, Femi Otedola doesn't have two heads. If he can become rich, you also can become rich.

Peace! I wish you the best in life.


  1. "If you decide to help people and not develop yourself, there is limit to the amount of people you can help"....this line right here....its like the most important reason why i wanna make money.....tons of pple dont get it....its like your just echoing thoughts in my head

  2. Great. I love the fact that we are on the same wavelength. I wish you all the best on your road to success.


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