Monday, 22 February 2016

7 Popular Wrestlers Who Committed Suicide

I have known that most creative people are suicidal, but it was shocking to me when I discovered that a lot pro-wrestlers are also suicidal. A lot of them think of killing themselves, and sadly, some give into the urge. Before I discovered that most part of wrestling is acting, I really saw them as athletes, but I now know better...They really are skilled actors who can fight.

 I am thinking maybe the burden of knowing you are selling a lie to the world is the cause of most wrestlers mental illness, which later lead to them committing suicide. Most of the wrestlers who tragically killed themselves had drug problems.

Below is a list of to popular wrestlers who committed suicide.

 Chris Von Erich
The youngest of the Von Erich boys; Chris committed suicide in 1991. If you grew up in the 80s and watched a lot of television like me, you would definitely know about the Von Erich family. There father, Fritz Von Erich was a wrestler in the 50s/60s, and his sons took after him in the 80s to become big professional wrestlers. Their real surname was Adkisson, but they adopted the Von Erich last name for wrestling.

Chris was the smallest of the Von Erich brothers (Chris, Mike, David, Jerry, and Kevin), and was asthmatic. His bones were not strong and he would often break them while performing wrestling maneuvers. This and other issues led him to a life of drugs. Chris Von Erich shot himself in the head on September 12, 1991, three weeks before his 22nd birthday.

Shawn Osbourne  
Shawn was from Phoenix Arizona. He had a long wrestling career from 2003-2011. He killed himself on January 26th, 2011. But before he did that, he sent notes to most of his friends, explaining to them why he had to commit suicide. 

Sean O' Haire
Another popular wrestler of recent times. Sean O' Haire was not just a professional wrestler, he was also a kickboxer and a mixed martial artist. He retired from wrestling in 2006, and focused on the scene of mixed martial arts and kickboxing. He later became a hairstylist.

His body was found by his father on September 9th, 2014, hanged from a bedpost in his South Carolina home. Apparently, he had been dead for more than 24 hours before his father found him.

Mike Von Erich
Another Von Erich suicide. Actually, Mike killed himself before his brother Chris Von Erich did. Mike's suicide was one of events that drove Chris into depression and later, death. Some days before his death, Mike was arrested for drunk driving, and also had drug charges slapped on his case. On April 12, 1987, Mike Von Erich overdosed on sleeping pills and alcohol.

Chris Benoit
He was a popular WWF professional wrestler from Canada. He was a one time world heavyweight champion in WWE. He held as many as 22 other titles in his wrestling career. In 2007, after several missed appointments, the police entered his house and found the bodies of Benoit, his wife, and their 7 year old son. After days of investigation, it was ascertained that Chris Benoit had killed his wife and son, and then went on to hang himself. He was aged 40.

Kerry Von Erich
Another of the Von Erich brothers who killed himself. A total of three of the five brothers committed suicide. What a sad case. Kerry was one of the best among the Von Erich brothers. He was a five time world champion, and a one time WWF International champion. After a motorcycle accident in June of 1986, he had to have his right foot amputated. He became addicted to pain killers after the amputation, and in February of 1993, he shot himself in the heart in his father's ranch in Texas. He was the third and the last of the Von Erich brothers to commit suicide. 

Mike Awesome
He was most popular in America and Japan. Mike Awesome's wrestling career spanned two decades. At around 10:30 at night on February 17, 2007, a couple of his friends found him hanging inside his home in Tampa, Florida. 

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