Sunday, 7 February 2016

I Believe All Women are Either Lesbians or Bisexual

Yea, I strongly believe all women are either lesbians or bisexual. I have had this notion for a while now but my doubts were cleared when news broke out last year about a research at the University of Essex in Britain, where 345 women were engaged in a research to test their sexuality. They were shown videos of naked women, and a very high percentage (74%) of them who claimed to be straight got aroused. You can go here to read more on that for better understanding- Essex Experiment.

The reason why I had this belief for many years was because I worked at a factory about 8 years ago, and I was a supervisor of the morning shift, which had mainly females as workers. I would quietly study them and their interaction, and it always astonished me how they played with themselves.  Touching of each others boobs, and even kissing was seen as normal play, and I could always notice them getting aroused from this intimate touches from their fellow female folk. A high majority of them were engaged in this kind of play. The conclusion i came up with was that, although not all women were living the life of a lesbian or bisexual person, deep down in them, they had the tendency of getting aroused by a woman's touch.

I got my confirmation when I set out to ask 10 women I knew about this. This was 3 years ago, and I was dating a lot at the time. And I would ask the women I was friends' with or dating if they had ever longed for a woman. I had a technique of making them open up. I would open up to some of my own darkest secrets, and also be a listening ear for many days. This usually made them lower their guard with time. And out of the 10 women I asked, 9 of them agreed to have at one time had a sexual attraction or encounter with a person of the same sex.

My conclusion is that all women are either lesbians, or bisexual women who are self aware of their sexuality, or who haven't discovered the other half of their sexuality yet- that they can be sexually attracted to women too.


  1. Very true bro. Very true. I have noticed that in them.

    And as for the ones that don't seem to have the bisexual trait, it only takes very little arousal for them to realise the fact


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