Tuesday, 27 December 2016

5 Ways Social Media Might Be Affecting You Negatively

The internet has made doing business and connecting with people a lot easier, but everything that has a positive, most times also has a negative side to it. These days, a lot of people have gotten so addicted to social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc and heavy use of these social media sites have negative effects on people. Below are 5 negative ways social media might be affecting you negatively.

1.  It Might Make You Live a Fake Life
 So many live fake lives on social media. Even the ones that at one time swore never to do that find themselves doing so at one point. Girls posing inside a strangers car to take a picture just so they can post on Facebook and look big. Guys posting pictures of expensive drinks and raw cash that ain't theirs. So many people are so quick to post a 'picture perfect' photo, or talk about the expensive restaurant they ate at; most of them don't even allow themselves to have fun naturally anymore, they just act like they are having fun for the camera.

2.  Exposure to Cyber Bullying 
The more you use social media and post pictures of yourself and speak about your life, the more you leave room for cyber bullying. They are people that might have shitty lives and derive pleasure from bullying people on social media with their words just so they can feel better. A girl might post a picture of herself on her Instagram page, and a random follower of hers might make fun of her flat chest, or dress sense. A single celebrity might post a picture of her/his new car and some people will abuse her/him of still being single at her/his age.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

8 American Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Really Short (2016)

Camera makes people look taller and bigger sometimes, but it might interest you to know that some of your favorite celebrities ain't as tall as you thought they were. I remember standing next to Beyonce one time and actually looking for her...like 'where is the Queen B?' I didn't even know she was standing right next to me. Haha! Just kidding. Anyway, back to business.

Below are 8 celebrities I am sure you never knew were really short.

8.  Bruno Mars (5'5)
Yea, for a man, he is quiet short, but he sure got a tall voice. Below is a picture of Bruno Mars standing next to Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is 5ft10. This gives you an idea of how short Bruno Mars really is.

Pictures of Eko Atlantic City (Lagos, Nigeria)

Eko Atlantic is a new city being built by the Lagos state Government (in partnership with some private investors) along the coast of Lagos. Actually, it is being built on reclaimed land from the Lagos lagoon; a stretch of coastline adjacent Lagos. When completed, it is going to be the number one Nigerian international commerce city. It is going to have state of the art high tech infrastructure in line with modern and environmental standards.

With a 10 square kilometers land mass, Eko Atlantic City will satisfy needs for tourist, commercial, financial, and residential accommodations. It is speculated that the city would house about a quarter of a million residence. I love futuristic developments, so I decided to showcase some pictures of the ongoing construction of this city of the future in Lagos.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

8 Hollywood Actors Who Turned Down Big Movie Roles

This article is all about actors who turned down movie roles. Please note that these actors didn't know the movies were going to be big at the time they were offered the roles. Some of them had an idea the movies were going to be huge, and didn't want to be typecast for the role they would have played in the movies for the rest of their lives, but most didn't know the movies were going to be big. I guess there is a reason for everything, cos most of the movie roles this actors turned down were taken by people who did justice to the roles.

Below are 6 actors who turned down big movie roles. People now use actor as a general term to refer to male and female individuals who act...so, don't get confused when you see a female name below.

1.  Angela Basset (Leticia in Monsters Ball- 2001)
She turned down the role to play the character of Leticia in Monsters Ball. She said it was too black stereotype and she couldn't imagine herself playing a role that was close to being a prostitute on screen. Hallie Berry didn't mind playing the ex-rated sex scene, and she took up the role. That got Hallie her one and only Oscar award.

2.  Will Smith (Neo in Matrix- 1999)
Well, I have to say thank God Will Smith turned down this role. I am a fan of his, but Keanu Reeves was born to play Neo in Matrix...I can't even imagine how the movie would have been with Will Smith playing that part. Can you?

3.  John Travolta (Lead Role in Splash- 1984)

Well, I think Travolta would have still been good for this movie. He was doing his lover-boy thing back in the 80s, so he would have fit in just right for this movie.

4.  John Travolta (Forest Gump in Forest Gump- 1994)
Do John Travolta and Tom Hanks look alike? Hmm! I guess a little, when they were younger. I am trying to understand why they kept getting picked for same roles in movies. Anyway, once again, good thing John Travolta turned down the role. It was like Tom Hanks was made for that role. And yea, it got him his second Oscar award.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Top 10 Gangster Movies of All Time (IMDB Ranking)

I wanted to write this article based off of my personal opinion, but I thought that might be biased, given that I am a big Robert De Niro fan...I might just cramp the top 5 with mostly De Niro movies. So this is what I did...I went on IMDB.COM, and searched through the dozens of gangster movies that are rated on the website, and picked the top 10 gangster movies with the highest ratings. Please note that these ratings are based off of individual ratings done by thousands of IMDB users all over the world. Being one of the top 10 movie websites in the world, I thought this would be the closest representation of what the people consider the top 10 gangster movies of all time.

So, below is a list of the top ten gangster movies of all time, based on IMDB ratings.

10. Scarface (8.3)
This is one of my all time favorites, and I am sure many people's favorite as well. I still watch this over and over every chance I get, and I never get tired of it. Even though The Godfather was the movie that brought Al Pacino to limelight, this is the movie majority of casual movie watchers remember him for.

Set in the 80s, Tony Montana (Al Pacino) and his friend, Manny (Steven Bauer) travel to America from Cuba for a better life. After working tirelessly at a roadside diner, they decide they had to be more to the American dream than the life they were living. And they went searching for ways to make fast money, till they got into the drug business. A very ambitious Tony always wanted more, and with that attitude, he worked his way to the top. 

The movie also stars a young Michelle Pfieffer. It was written by Oliver Stone, and directed by Brian De Palma. It was released in 1983.

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