Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Whatsapp is Down...Twitter Users React

Whatsapp, one of the most used Apps on most people's phones all over the world is down and people are freaking out. It is very simple to use App, and people use it to communicate on a daily basis, but it is currently down, all over the word. This is really something out of the ordinary.

Read what people on Twitter are saying people.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Meet Vivian, The Pretty Groundnut & Banana Seller and an Undergraduate of N.O.U.N

I lost my smartphone last week Thursday, and my Laptop developed a fault on Saturday, so I had gone to the University of Ibadan (U.I) to see if I could get on the Internet at a Cyber Cafe. Most of the ones I was directed to were closed, and then on my way to a barber shop, I saw this neatly arranged tray of Bananas and Groundnut. I looked up at the person selling them, and there was something about the girl that made me believe she had a story people would love to hear.

After getting the haircut, I walked up to her and bought groundnut and then told her I wanted to write about her. She agreed to give me audience, and then I found out she had been helping her mom out with the trade since she was in Secondary school, and now she more or less handled it herself. She got into the National Open University of Nigeria, Ibadan campus to study Theology in 2013/2014 session, and continued with the banana and groundnut business.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Volkswagen Self Driven Cars of the Future (Sedric)

I love this. News just got out that in about 8 years, Volkswagen would be lunching a level 5 fully autonomous self driven car. This is really exciting. A level 5 means the car means no human intervention is needed while driving. 

Apostle Johnson Suleman Tried to Kill Me- Stephanie Otobo

Every once in a while, a sensational story hits the media that gets people excited, perplexed, and some utterly disgusted. Regardless of how people feel, this story attracts lots of people to it- right now, the story of such caliber is that of a certain Nigerian pastor, Apostle Johnson Suleman and his alleged lover, Stephanie Otobo. A lot has been said and countered in the last couple of days since the story burst out last week Friday, but the latest is Stephanie's claims that Apostle Suleman tried to kill her when he found out she was pregnant for his child.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Apostle Suleiman; The Nigerian Pastor that Instructed his Church Members to Kill

Right now, Nigeria is in turmoil. We are in a recession and nothing seems to be going right. The Nigerian army is still battling the terrorist group, Boko Haram; the Igbos are agitating for their own country (Biafra); the economy is really bad; Fulani Herdsmen are killing innocent citizens, etc. Everything that can go wrong in a country is happening in Nigeria right now. I feel the Government of the day is not doing enough about the Fulani herdsmen killings, but I don't think asking Christians to kill any Fulani Herdsman they see is the way forward. Two wrongs will and can never make a right, and inciting that kind of violence is a sure way for more chaos in this country.

A few days ago, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, the general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries (a certain church in Abuja, Nigeria) told his thousands of church members to kill anybody they see that resembles a Fulani Herdsman. He even went ahead to back up the validity of his request of killings by citing the part of the Bible where David killed Goliath. He also said after they have killed a Herdsman, that they should bring the head of the herdsman to the church altar, and that they would use it as an offering. Is this the right words to be coming out of the mouth of a Pastor?

Read his words below...

Friday, 27 January 2017

Is Buhari Dead?

Is Buhari dead? That seems to be question on the minds of majority of Nigerians right now. The Nigerian president went on a two week holiday in UK last week, and news from the presidency before his departure was that he was also going to have a medical checkup while abroad. And a few days after he departed, the rumors started.

There have been different versions of the rumor. Some said he went for an organ transplant and died during the operation. Others said he died of cardiac arrest. While some others said he committed suicide. What are we to believe, right? And people are buying into these stories because they haven't seen enough proof to convince them otherwise. Maybe if they saw the president holding up a current newspaper in a live video they would stop buying into the rumors. But I am guessing Buhari feels the rumors are to petty for him to pay attention to. Well, he is scheduled to be back in a few days, so I guess it is only a matter of time before everyone knows the truth.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

9 Ways Nigerian Actors Make Money

In this article, I am going to be using the word actor to cover bought actors and actresses. So, when I say actor, please note that I am referring to both the male and female in the movie industry. How do Nollywood actors make money? Well, they really don't make as much as you think from the movies they appear in; this is why they have devised many other means of raking in cash yearly. Today, I am going to be talking about 9 ways Nigerian actors make money.

Before I dive into this, I would like to share something Ramsey Nouah said in an interview two years ago; "I know that some actors are being paid N30,000 to N100,000 per movie. New faces get paid that much and that is a good start and a stepping stone." ( For him to imply that this is good pay, you have an idea what Nollywood actors make. Apart from the few that make a few millions a movie, most of them don't even earn as much as regular job earners make yearly.

Below are 9 ways Nollywood actors make money.

1.  From Their Acting 
This is the first on the list, cos naturally, this is meant to be where they get the most money from, but for some of them, this is where they get their least money from. You ever wonder why some actors in the Yoruba movie scene act dozens of movies a year? It's because they maybe get paid about 50 thousand Naira per movie, and they need to appear in like 2 dozen movies a year for their income from acting to make some sense. Even Odunlade Adekola that makes an average of 250,000 Naira per movie still takes up dozens of movie roles a year to be able to make a decent income.

2.  Endorsement Deals
This is an area where the actors make the bulk of their money from. Most of the A-List actors like Rita Dominic, Funke Akindele, IK Ogbonna, Omotola Jalade and the likes make tens of millions of Naira yearly from endorsement deals. While Funke Akindele's 20 million Naira deal with Vita Foam might seem huge, you also have the likes of Genevieve Nnaji getting a whooping 100 million Naira from an Etisalat Endorsement deal. The more popular your brand is as an actor, the better your chances of commanding big bucks from endorsement deals.

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