Monday, 19 March 2018

Pastor John Gray's Wife (Aventer Gray) Speaks on How They Met

American pastor, John Gray got popular over the years being an associate pastor at Joel Osteen's Houston megachurch, Lakewood. He has his own church now, named Redemption, in South Carolina. Also, he has a show on Oprah's OWN, titled, The Book of John Gray. He and his wife (Aventer) have been married for 8 solid years now, and in their latest interview on Power 105.1 FM's The Breakfast Club Show, his wife spoke about how they met.

Read her words below...

"We were working at the same church. He was supposed to be seeing this youths, but you're over there looking at the dancing...we were friends. We were working together for the youth. He had a lot of  'wannaboos' around him and I was like...he had a lot of 'wannaboos' and I was not one of them. They were really fascinated about him. I was busy, you know...I was...we were working in ministry together, and like I said, he did have a lot of 'wannaboos' around and I was like, 'it would be good for him to get married.' I made it my point to find him someone to marry, it wasn't me. Cos I had had my heart broken, and I was engaged before, and so was he, but I was just like, he is a nice guy, we kept talking as friends, and then it kind of shifted, because I had choreographed a dance that kind of told the sermon that day in church so the pastor didn't preach...the message through the dance was the sermon. And so, after church, he believed that he was moved by the dance." (Pastor John Gray and Wife's Interview at The Breakfast Club Show)

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Russell Simmons Kisses Girlfriend in Public Amidst Rape Allegations

Yup! Yesterday, Russell Simmons was caught on camera kissing his girlfriend in public. He might be under fire with rape accusation from multiple women, but music mogul, Russell Simmons seems to still have his cool. TMZ caught up with him yesterday, and after asking him a few light questions, the reporter went in for the kill and asked him if he would get vindicated with the rape allegation cases he is currently dealing with, and he responded with...

"I don't have a stitch of violence in me. I would never hurt anybody. I haven't had any violence in me. But, you know, it is a difficult time for everyone." (Russell Simmons TMZ Interview)

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Whatsapp is Down...Twitter Users React

Whatsapp, one of the most used Apps on most people's phones all over the world is down and people are freaking out. It is very simple to use App, and people use it to communicate on a daily basis, but it is currently down, all over the word. This is really something out of the ordinary.

Read what people on Twitter are saying people.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Volkswagen Self Driven Cars of the Future (Sedric)

I love this. News just got out that in about 8 years, Volkswagen would be lunching a level 5 fully autonomous self driven car. This is really exciting. A level 5 means the car means no human intervention is needed while driving. 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Parental Pressure and its effects in the society

I remember about 5 years ago, my close friend Susan was under a lot of pressure by her parents to get married. She was a very shy girl, and rarely left the house, or socialized at work, so this was hard for her. But the pressure was too much, so she made a goal to get married before cloaking 30; she was 28 years old at the time. That same year, Susan met a guy at her work place, and within 3 months, they were planning marriage. I wanted to tell her to chill a little, but it would seem like I was trying to hold her back for my own selfish reasons. So, the wedding held, and before the end of the first year, the couple already started having problems. 

You see, even though her parents wanted her to marry at all cost, her mother didn’t like the guy she brought to them, but her father had the final say, and blessed the union. With time, Susan’s mother started finding fault in a lot of things her daughter’s husband did. Susan being a mommy’s girl would also bring up ideas the mother suggested for the forward movement of the house, and this would infuriate the husband, and fights would break out. The mother’s love for her daughter clouded her judgment, and she thought she was doing the right thing by being by her daughter’s side all the time and not letting her be self dependent. And within three years, the marriage crashed. 

Monday, 9 January 2017

7 Ways to Recognize Runs Girls

A few years ago, I started noticing the line between normal girls and runs girls were blurring out in Lagos, and it was really scary. Just last week, I was sitting outside my house when a friend of mine came over and we started discussing general things, then our discussion went towards this. He told me in the last one week, he had met 5 girls at different locations in Lagos who he felt were normal girls, but 3 of them ended up being runs girls. He was really tired of this and wished he had known they were runs girls before wasting time on them.

So how do you know runs girls? Before I speak on that, for those that don't know, runs girls are girls that would sleep with you for money, with no strings attached. They are not really prostitutes, but more like call girls. So, now that you know, let's get straight to it. One more thing...I am not a saint, so I ain't judging anybody. I am just helping people that don't want to go through the ordeal of getting to meet a girl and thinking she is a regular girl, and then getting home only to be asked this question; 'How much are you giving me?'

1.  Spends a Lot More Than She Earns 
She works as a tailor, or as a factory worker, but she uses expensive phones and expensive bags and shoes. She is probably a runs girl. The job is most likely just a cover for what she really does at night or on weekends.

2.  They Have Dozens of Pictures Taken in Fancy Restrooms
They most time meet their clients at hotels, clubs, and motels, and since they always have to reapply their makeup every now and then to look flashy for their customers, they spend a lot of time in the toilet...and they usually make out time to take pics, especially if the restroom is very clean.

3.  They Have Bleached Skins and Tattoos All Over
Not all girls that bleach their skin and have tattoos are runs girls, but if the girl has over-bleached her skin cheaply, and she has tattoos on her face, hands, and legs, she is most likely a runs girl. 

7 Awesome Hollywood Movie Tricks

When you watch a Hollywood movie, you really don't know all that has gone into making the movie what it is. You might see a war scene with thousands of people fighting, but it might all just be CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), and the real scene in the studio might not have more than 6 men fighting. Or, you might see a couple having dinner on the rooftop of a skyscraper overlooking the Manhattan skyline, but they might really just be in the studio, with a green screen behind them.

Below are 15 awesome Hollywood movie tricks for your amusement. Enjoy!

1.  The Dark Knight (The scene where Harvey Dent was on a hospital bed after a fire incident.)

2.  Titanic- 1997 (The scene where Jack was showing Rose how to enjoy being at sea)

3.  The Life of Pi- 2012 (The scene were the guy was petting the Tiger)

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