Monday, 30 May 2016

8 Activities That Help with Depression

You can’t be happy all the time; that's a fact. There are some times you feel sad and depressed. Some people do nothing, and some people take pills. Those are two extremes, but there are other natural things you can do to help yourself get out of a depressed state. A lot of people have become so dependent on drugs or alcohol, and some that have let the depression eat too deep into them have ended up committing suicide. As someone that really understands depression and how hard it can be sometimes to get out of it, I have taken time to list 8 activities that would help anyone going through depression right now feel better. Check them out below. 


1        Take a Walk
This is one of my favorites, cos you don’t need anything extra. Long walks have done wonders for me in the past, and I have also read a lot about its health benefits. With a walk (alone), you get to free your mind of all your worries, and let in ideas that would be popping into your head at intervals.Take that walk tonight.

2        Let Go of Something or Someone
One of our problems as human beings is that sometimes we hold on to things or people longer than we really need them. There are so many things, experiences, and people in this world, but our time in life are limited. So, there might be some baggage you need to let go of to feel better which you might still be holding on to. It might be some items that remind you of a sad incidence, a job you hate, or someone that treats you like sh#t. Let go!

3      Write in Your Journal/Diary
Yea, this is also one of my favorites. I know a lot of people think it is just girls that keep diaries, but great men in history have been known to keep journals. Yea, journals might make it sound more formal, but it is really the way you look at it, cos the two words implies writing down/recording what happens every day in the life of the owner of the journal/diary. This really helps in a way I can’t really explain. You need to try it to understand how it helps. And you don’t need to be a writer, just get an exercise book and start writing down all that happened in your day at the end of each day.

4        Plan a Trip
It doesn’t have to be a trip to Europe, or the moon or anything; it could be a trip to visit someone in another state, or weekend trip to a resort in your state. And the trip doesn’t have to be scheduled for next week or next month, it could be planned for the next 7 months. The human soul feels better when it has something to look forward too. You might have noticed that sometimes you have more fun on the way to a party or a vacation than at the real deal. So, I say, plan a trip today.

5        Engage in Small Acts of Kindness
Yea, you are depressed. You might be down and out, and even broke with no single Naira note in your pocket, but it doesn’t mean there aren't things you can do right now that would make someone else feel better. You could help the old lady neighbor of yours with things from the market, or call someone just to complement them, or give out some things you no longer need to someone that would cherish those things. It will surely make you feel better. 

   Learn Something New
There is always something new to learn, and the heart always leaps with joy when you are learning something new that interests you. In fact, when you stop learning or growing, you start dying gradually. Think about it, what happens when trees stop growing? They start the gradual process of dying. This is same with human beings. When you stop getting better, you start dying inside, and the sign of this dying is depression. So, go and learn something new today. It could be that new language you have been yearning to learn, or how to ride a motorcycle, or how to cook Jollof rice.

7    Read or Watch Something Funny
Really, there is nothing like some comedy to make you feel better when you are depressed. You could pop in that Night of a Thousand Laughs DVD, or stream some Basketmouth standup comedy on Youtube. Or go on Nairaland and read some really funny comments from the regulars on the forum. We are all different, and different things make us laugh. So, watch or read what makes you laugh.

8        Listen to Some Music
This is another great depression killer. You can even combine it with taking a walk; take a walk and listen to your favorite music from your phone. Or, just sit in your room and play your favorite music. It would brighten your mood and get you out of that depressed state. Songs from Nas always makes me feel better, no matter what state I am in. So, who is your favorite musician? Go listen to his/her songs, or just generally the kind of music you love.

Now, go and be happy.


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