Sunday, 15 May 2016

7 Misconceptions About Atheists

 I can remember when I first became an atheist, I let some of my close friends know, and one of them felt like dying. To him, I had become a lost soul, and had probably joined an underworld of evil men. He would call me for like 10 minutes everyday, trying to convince me and make me "see the light" again. This was someone that smoked, drank, and womanizers recklessly (not judging him), but to him, I was committing the greatest sin; not believing in God.

In my 7 plus years as an atheist, I have come to notice some misconception people generally have about atheists and atheism, and I have decided to write on it today. Please note that this article was not written to put down any group of people but to correct some misconceptions. 

7.  Atheists Are Angry at God
Religious people, especially Christians believe that most atheists are mad at God cos he disappointed them at some point in their life, so they have turned their backs to him. Hello! How can you be mad at an entity you don't believe exists? 

6.  Atheism is a Religion
A lot of people believe atheism is a religion, and that atheists meet up every now and then to have fellowships and whatnot. They don't understand that most atheists are free thinkers, and so, carry out individual research and form personal beliefs that govern their 'individual' lives. So, no sir, Atheism is not a religion. According to, Religion is the belief in and WORSHIP of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. Atheists don't worship any God/gods, so Atheism cannot be considered a religion.

5.  Atheists Have an Agenda to Take Over the World
This is the funniest one. I don't know where people get all these notions from. They say atheists have secret meetings (like Pinky and the Brain) and ponder on how to take over the world and turn everyone to atheists. If anything, it is religious people that have the agenda of taking over the world and having their own religion as the only religion practiced in the world. Atheists don't have meetings, cos their are no organizations or worship centers formed by atheists where they meet to discuss anything...Atheists are free individual thinkers. 

4.  Atheists are Devil Worshipers
Atheists don't believe in God or the Devil, so how can they be devil worshipers? But a lot of people have this misconception about atheists.

3.  Atheists Are Evil
Religious people feel if you don't believe in God, then you must believe in the DEVIL, which by default makes you EVIL. But they need to understand that everyone can not be judged based on the religious concept of God and the Devil because not everyone believes in that concept.

2.  Atheists Lack Morals
This is a funny one coming from people that mostly do good cos they fear the wrought of God, or cos they don't want to go to Hell. Most atheists are not compelled by a promise of heaven or punishment of hell to do the right thing, they just do the right thing cos it is the right thing. And, speaking for myself, I stand by the consequences of my actions. If I do something, whether good or bad, I know there is something called cause and effect, so I know that I would be paid back good for good, and bad for bad, and I make my choices based on this, and stand by the consequences I get, without putting blame on anyone or any entity. 

1.  Atheists Are Stupid
You hear a lot of people saying anyone that doesn't believe in the existence of God the great architect of this world most be stupid and brainless. Well, wisdom has levels, and the atheists might know something you don't know, which makes him sure there is no old man in the sky. Ironically, I became an atheists when I decided to read the whole Bible and enlarge my wisdom. And the fact is most of the greatest men in human history have been or are atheists. You want me to name a few? Mark Zuckerberg, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, Andrew Carnegie, Sigmund Freud, Bill Gates, Friedrich Nietzsche, Lance Armstrong, Bruce Lee, Stephen Hawkins, Warren Buffet, Steve Wozniak...the list is endless.

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