Monday, 30 May 2016

4 Healthy Ways to Gain Weight Fast

You always see a lot of articles on how to lose weight, but you hardy see articles on how to gain weight. But the truth is there are a lot of skinny people out there who wish they could gain a little weight. I am slim person, and I fluctuate between skinny and athletic, so I understand the agony of being a skinny person. So, I have taken time to list four ways to gain weight naturally in a matter of weeks. Please note that these are all methods that have helped me in the past at different times, so I am sure of them, and did not just copy them from somewhere online.

1.  Eat Three Eggs a Day
Eat it boiled, friend with noodles, scrambled with yam...any way you like it, but try to ingest at least 3 eggs a day. You do know that eggs are meant to form chicks (baby chickens), now think of all the nutrients that would be parked in a food like that. If you eat at least 3 eggs a day, for 3 weeks, you will surely add weight.

8 Activities That Help with Depression

You can’t be happy all the time; that's a fact. There are some times you feel sad and depressed. Some people do nothing, and some people take pills. Those are two extremes, but there are other natural things you can do to help yourself get out of a depressed state. A lot of people have become so dependent on drugs or alcohol, and some that have let the depression eat too deep into them have ended up committing suicide. As someone that really understands depression and how hard it can be sometimes to get out of it, I have taken time to list 8 activities that would help anyone going through depression right now feel better. Check them out below. 


1        Take a Walk
This is one of my favorites, cos you don’t need anything extra. Long walks have done wonders for me in the past, and I have also read a lot about its health benefits. With a walk (alone), you get to free your mind of all your worries, and let in ideas that would be popping into your head at intervals.Take that walk tonight.

2        Let Go of Something or Someone
One of our problems as human beings is that sometimes we hold on to things or people longer than we really need them. There are so many things, experiences, and people in this world, but our time in life are limited. So, there might be some baggage you need to let go of to feel better which you might still be holding on to. It might be some items that remind you of a sad incidence, a job you hate, or someone that treats you like sh#t. Let go!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

7 Misconceptions About Atheists

 I can remember when I first became an atheist, I let some of my close friends know, and one of them felt like dying. To him, I had become a lost soul, and had probably joined an underworld of evil men. He would call me for like 10 minutes everyday, trying to convince me and make me "see the light" again. This was someone that smoked, drank, and womanizers recklessly (not judging him), but to him, I was committing the greatest sin; not believing in God.

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