Monday, 9 January 2017

7 Ways to Recognize Runs Girls

A few years ago, I started noticing the line between normal girls and runs girls were blurring out in Lagos, and it was really scary. Just last week, I was sitting outside my house when a friend of mine came over and we started discussing general things, then our discussion went towards this. He told me in the last one week, he had met 5 girls at different locations in Lagos who he felt were normal girls, but 3 of them ended up being runs girls. He was really tired of this and wished he had known they were runs girls before wasting time on them.

So how do you know runs girls? Before I speak on that, for those that don't know, runs girls are girls that would sleep with you for money, with no strings attached. They are not really prostitutes, but more like call girls. So, now that you know, let's get straight to it. One more thing...I am not a saint, so I ain't judging anybody. I am just helping people that don't want to go through the ordeal of getting to meet a girl and thinking she is a regular girl, and then getting home only to be asked this question; 'How much are you giving me?'

1.  Spends a Lot More Than She Earns 
She works as a tailor, or as a factory worker, but she uses expensive phones and expensive bags and shoes. She is probably a runs girl. The job is most likely just a cover for what she really does at night or on weekends.

2.  They Have Dozens of Pictures Taken in Fancy Restrooms
They most time meet their clients at hotels, clubs, and motels, and since they always have to reapply their makeup every now and then to look flashy for their customers, they spend a lot of time in the toilet...and they usually make out time to take pics, especially if the restroom is very clean.

3.  They Have Bleached Skins and Tattoos All Over
Not all girls that bleach their skin and have tattoos are runs girls, but if the girl has over-bleached her skin cheaply, and she has tattoos on her face, hands, and legs, she is most likely a runs girl. 

4.  Has a Business That Makes No Money, But Doesn't Close Down 
Some of them have shops where they sell items or render a service (I don't want to be too specific), and might have zero clientele, but she would still keep looking flashy, and never close down that shop. She might be using that business as a shield for how she really makes money. Or, she might even be meeting her real customers through that business. 

5.  Heavy Social Media Usage 
She has Badoo, Instagram, Eskimi, Tinder, Twitter, Facebook Apps all on her phone, and she is always posting semi-nude pics on her page. She does this to entice her prospective customers, who will slide into her DM and talk business.

6.  They Take Dozens of Pictures in the Passengers Side of Different Cars 
You would never see them behind the wheel, but at the passengers side of different cars, with the seat-belt on, smiling into the camera. They take dozens of these kinds of pictures to brag to their other runs girlfriends.

7.  She Doesn't Have a Regular Job, But Spends Lavishly 
If she is from a rich home, that is another case. But if she doesn't have a source of income, and is spending more than what her parents can afford, then she is probably a runs girl. An exception might be a girl that is dating a rich guy. But if you don't know the girl with one guy, and she spends lavishly without a source of income, she is most likely a runs girl.

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