Sunday, 8 January 2017

Being Lazy Can Be a Sign of High Intelligence

I don't mean to say every lazy person you meet is intelligent, but I believe that being lazy can be a sign that the lazy person is high in intellect. He/she would rather look for an easier way to do something (which might seem to society as being lazy), and in the process, he/she might innovate something new, or create a new technology.

Lazy people would always question the status quo. Lazy people obviously hate "unnecessary" hard-work, and would always find a way of working less. Now, if that lazy person is also very passionate about finding an easier way of doing things, he might spend less time doing physical work/activities, but would be spending more time doing a lot of brain-work. This might seem lazy to the onlooker, but if what the aggregates of thoughts from that lazy man's brain comes up with is a life changing invention for mankind, then his laziness is more useful than the hard-work of a 100 men.

Let me give me an example. In the past it took a few men to row a small boat from point A to point B. These men were hardworking men that did a lot of HARD-WORK. But one day, I am sure one lazy man somewhere sat staring at the sky, thinking of an easier way to propel boats and canoes. And he came up with the very simple invention of the sail. The sail was attached to the boat, and the boat could be propelled easily from one place to another with the help of the wind pushing the sail naturally, which in turn moves the boat, while the man lays back, sipping his rum.

Every new invention that has made life more easier for mankind has mostly come from the minds of people that wanted an easier way of doing things, and not from people that love the grind. People with high intelligence get bored easily with physical activities, so they spend a lot more time thinking, but when non-thinkers get bored, they fill their time with physical activity. This theory doesn't make claims that everyone that thinks a lot is intelligent or makes intelligent choices, but there are higher chances of a thinker being more intelligent than a non-thinker. Also, because one is intelligent doesn't mean he would make the best decisions in all areas of his life. There are many very broke intelligent people out there. Intelligent people don't always make the best decisions. They also typically fall into depression easier than other people (basically cos they have no filters in their brains and they let all ideas in), and depression leads to inactivity.

So, this article is not in anyway trying to glorify lazy people or make intelligent people feel good about themselves. This article is just stating things as they are- that, being lazy can be a sign of high intellect.

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