Tuesday, 27 December 2016

5 Ways Social Media Might Be Affecting You Negatively

The internet has made doing business and connecting with people a lot easier, but everything that has a positive, most times also has a negative side to it. These days, a lot of people have gotten so addicted to social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc and heavy use of these social media sites have negative effects on people. Below are 5 negative ways social media might be affecting you negatively.

1.  It Might Make You Live a Fake Life
 So many live fake lives on social media. Even the ones that at one time swore never to do that find themselves doing so at one point. Girls posing inside a strangers car to take a picture just so they can post on Facebook and look big. Guys posting pictures of expensive drinks and raw cash that ain't theirs. So many people are so quick to post a 'picture perfect' photo, or talk about the expensive restaurant they ate at; most of them don't even allow themselves to have fun naturally anymore, they just act like they are having fun for the camera.

2.  Exposure to Cyber Bullying 
The more you use social media and post pictures of yourself and speak about your life, the more you leave room for cyber bullying. They are people that might have shitty lives and derive pleasure from bullying people on social media with their words just so they can feel better. A girl might post a picture of herself on her Instagram page, and a random follower of hers might make fun of her flat chest, or dress sense. A single celebrity might post a picture of her/his new car and some people will abuse her/him of still being single at her/his age.

3.  Little Privacy
Heavy social medias users document their whole lives online. This leaves little room for privacy, as they post pictures of their homes, where they eat, their family members, their cars, and so on. I have been guilty of doing this in the past, and i know how it affected me at some point. It is always good to leave some details of oneself off the Internet. 

4.  Bad Social Life in the Real World
The more you use social media, the worse you would be at socializing with real people in the real world, and this is even worse if you were never really good at socializing with people in real life to begin with. I went to a bar with three of my friends yesterday, and at some point, I noticed all of us had our faces down reading something on our phone screens, or typing away. I had to switch off my phone data and spark up a conversation I know would get their attentions off the social media sites on their phones.

As I said before, I am also guilty of some of these things, but I try to check myself when I am going too deep into the social media world. Sometimes I dump my smartphone for several weeks and go online only on my laptop. Sometimes, I set a target to stay off the internet for a full week. And I notice how much I interact with real people more during these times. 

5.  Decreased Productivity 
The first thing most people check when they wake up in the morning is their Facebook...then maybe they on the various Whatsapp groups they belong to. This kind of overuse and over-dependency on social media automatically leads to decreased productivity at the workplace. You have workers surfing Facebook and Instagram on their phones at work when they are meant to be working. Social media consumes more time than people realize, and this time could have been put to some good use.

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