Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Conversations With God- Part 2

If you haven't read the first part, I'd advice you do so before continuing- My Conversations With God- Part 1

After my cousin had settled in, I asked her how she had gotten here so early from Abeokuta. I also asked why she didn't call before heading over. She said she had been tired of home and wanted to go somewhere new for a couple of weeks, and that she suddenly woke up at around 3 a.m with the inspiration to pack her things and move. She said she had her bath, and left her house at about 3:30 am. "How did you get a bus at that time?" I asked her. She said she just started walking to the bus stop without thinking of how she was going to get a bus, and then a man she knew in the area parked his car in front of her. Long story short, he was heading to Lagos, and he volunteered to take her down.

She got to Iyana Ipaja bus stop (Along Abeokuta express) around 5 am, and got a straight bus going to our neighborhood. That was how she got to our house; and that was the one ultimate sign God used to win me over. God bless her soul- Bisola passed away 3 weeks ago. It was while thinking of the time I spent with her that I remembered how I stared my conversations with God.

So, the conversations went on, and I asked more and more questions from God. Some I can't remember, but most I rephrased and put on my facebook wall over the years. They say you don't remember what people say to you, but definitely remember how they made you feel. I want to share another story related to my relationship with God. Please note that at this point, God was like my buddy, and there was no aspect of my life I couldn't discuss with him. On this very occasion, about 3 years ago, I was seeing a girl, but her response to me wasn't how I would like it to be. So, I spoke to God about it.

Me- 'God, I have this girl I like so much.'

God- 'Then what seems to be the problem?'

Me- 'I don't know if she likes me enough.'

God- 'Hmm!'

Me- 'I just want to know if she is the one for me.'

God- 'To be honest with you, there is no one true love out there, so, depending on the kind of person you are at any particular time, you get the perfect match for you.'

Me- 'Hmm!'

God- 'So, the person you are speaking of, what exactly do you want to know about her?'

Kay- 'I like her very much, but I know I am not everything she wants right now, I just want to know if she would be worth planning for in the future.'

God- 'Yes, she is.'

Kay- 'She is? Are you sure?'

God- 'There you go again, always doubting. I know what works for you is unbelievable signs from me, right?'

Kay- 'lol! Yea. Can you...give me a sign before the end of today (Saturday).

God- 'Okay.'

Kay- 'I am not going out today, so I don't know how the sign will come, but...'

God- 'Don't worry, you will get your unbelievable sign before the end of today.

So, i went on my daily activities in the house, and about 2 hours after my conversation with God, my phone rang. It was a young boy, and he was asking if he was speaking with Olumide (that is my middle name). I said yes, and he said he didn't know why he was calling, but he just got the number from his sister's phone and called me. It was strange, and i questioned him more. He still said he didn't know why he was calling. Why would someone just pick up his sister's phone and call a random number on there. So, I remembered I was waiting for a sign from God. I asked him for his sister's name, and he said 'Monica.' I sighed. That was her second name; I mean the girl I was talking to God about. The day we met, for some funny reason, we had agreed to call each other by our second names.

I called her up immediately, and told her everything; she was speechless. She started telling all her friends, because this was something spiritual, if nothing else. We agreed to meet and speak on the issue extensively. I wont like to go on with this matter, I just wanted to tell another story related to how God convinced me he was the one speaking with me. The girl is on my facebook friend list, and if she is reading this, I would love for her to verify my claims concerning this story.

For those who want to hear some serious stories, and not a love story, I am sorry if I disappointed you. But I will surely give you some serious stories in the last and concluding post. The concluding article in this series, which is going to be third will have two more stories, and a few lessons about life I learnt from God.

My Conversations with God Part 3

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