Monday, 2 December 2013

My Conversations With God- Part 1

This post is not for everyone, but if you have an open your mind, you might grasp a truth. I actually wanted to write a book on this, but since the conversations are still ongoing, I decided to write an article about it. Please note that this is a very touchy subject for me to write about because of how close-minded a lot of people can be, but I have tried to tone down my language of explanation on this particular matter. Yes, there is already a book of the same title in stores. And yes, I was inspired by the book. But everything in this post is real, I didn't make up anything, and It is definitely not my imagination.

Like the author (Neale Donald Walsch) of the book that inspired this post, I might not believe in some teachings and beliefs of current religions, but I do believe in a supreme being. And my belief is that he always speaks to us all, if we would just listen. He speaks to us through different means...some times, he might speak to you through a friend, a stranger; or he might whisper some things in your mind, like that voice that sometimes speak to you in your head. But, he, the all knowing, is always with you. And you don't really need to climb a mountain, or fast for 40 days, or perform some specific rituals for you to hear him. But of course, if you believe you have to do all that for you to hear him or stay connected to him, then that is what will work for you. But, there is no set definite route to communicating with God. Maybe you have to quiet your mind to hear from him, but that is about it.

You must be wondering right now- 'Who is this guy to be speaking with such authority.' Some people might even shout 'BLASPHEMY!!!', or say I have lost my mind. I am not a pastor, and definitely not a saint in any way, so it would be hard to get people to take me serious. That is why I said at the beginning of the article that this post is not for everyone, but f you open your mind, you my grasp a truth in it.

About 5 years ago, I had just gotten home from my National Youth Service in Anambra state, and was a jobless graduate roaming the streets. I started spending my spare time reading a lot of books and articles. I wanted to understand the world, and know why I was here. I wanted to know what my purpose on Earth was. One day, I decided to read the Bible from front to back. It took me about half a year, cos I was always falling asleep while reading Exodus and the books that followed. But when I got to the New Testament, it all started to make sense. Anyway, i read the whole Bible, and instead of having a clear mind, I had a million and one more questions.

I had read about the frequency at which God spoke with Moses in the Bible, and i believed that if it was possible once, then it sure would be possible again. So, I started quieting my mind for several minutes a day, and believing in my mind that one day, I would hear the voice of God. One day, after several weeks of this practice, I started having a conversation with the voice in my head. It was asking me why I wasn't doing anything with the knowledge I had gotten already. I said I needed more knowledge, that I wanted to know it all. The voice then advised me to act on what I already knew, or I would become like many teachers of the past that only lived to know the answer, but never applied them in their own lives. I took a minute to examine my life, and discovered that that was exactly how my life was. I was pleased with just updating my facebook wall with wise words, but I rarely applied them in my own life.

After a few minutes of speaking with the voice in head, I asked it how come it knew so much, and where the knowledge was coming from. It then said, I have been searching for what was never lost. I asked what he meant, and he asked- 'Aren't you searching for something?' And I said yes, and he said, he is that. Okay, at that moment, I was confused, and asked a more direct question- 'Are you God?' And he said, yes.

At that moment, I took a deep breath, and shook my head. I thought I was loosing it. I didn't say anything again, and started reasoning with my left brain, thinking of how this could be possible, and then he said, 'you can never get the answer there.' Then I said, okay, give me a sign. Do something unbelievable...something so out of the ordinary that I would have to accept that this is not just my imagination. He then said, if he did just anything, my rational mind would still term it a coincidence, but that I should choose anything I wanted to happen; Anything I felt was almost impossible. It was about 11:30 pm, and I was still staying at my parents house at the time. So I thought for a minute about what I could ask him to do. Then I came up with an idea. I said, 'I am about to fall asleep now, I want a visitor from out of town to wake me up before dawn.'

We weren't expecting any visitors any time soon, and definitely not tomorrow. And I thought there was no way someone would come to our house before daylight tomorrow that we had not already gotten a call from. I fell asleep shortly after telling God how I wanted him to prove he was the one speaking to me.

I was awoken by the sound of banging on the gate. It was still dark, and I checked my phone's clock, and saw it was 5:30 a.m. My dad was out his room as I made my way downstairs. He said it was probably the vigilantes, and that maybe they wanted to pass a message to him. I asked him to go back to sleep, that I would get the message. I got to the  gate, and took a deep breath before saying- 'Who is it?' The person said with a jovial voice, 'Kayode emi ni, Bisola.' Meaning, Kayode, it is me, Bisola. My heart skipped 10 beats.

Part 2

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