Friday, 6 December 2013

My Conversations With God- Part 3

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So, I was talking to God one day, and my friend hit me up with an IM on facebook about her sister being in Labor. I continued to chat with her and speak with God at the same time. The girl asked me to pray for her sister, that she was scared cos the labor was taking too long. So, I told God about it (ofcos I didn't tell the girl I was talking to God). Then He (God) told me the lady in woman in labor was going to be alright, and that she would deliver a baby girl. Well, that is a 50/50 is either a boy a girl, but I told the girl anyway. I told her I just got an inspiration and that her sister will be okay, and that she would have a baby girl.

My friend was happy and angry at the same time; she thanked me for saying her sister would be okay, but she said the sister already had a girl, and that they really wanted a boy. I said, well, I am sorry to tell you this, but I am 100% sure your sister is going to have a baby girl. Knowing that I wasn't necessarily a saint, or a prophet or anything, she dismissed my claims and change the subject. So, I asked God to tell me something else surrounding the woman in labor that would make my friend believe me. So, He told me the mother of the baby girl (my friend’s sister) is going to name the girl Joy.

I lost my phone a couple of days after chatting with her, and I wasn't in touch with her for a while. When I eventually got a new phone, and added her, she asked- ‘Who Are You?’ I told her, its me Kay, your friend. But, she said she knows my name and that I am her friend on facebook, but she wanted to know if I was some type of spirit. It happened that her sister had given birth to a baby girl a few hours after we stopped chatting, and then when she was trying to get in touch me to let me know it was indeed a girl, i disappeared. She couldn't get me on facebook, or through my two numbers. So, I told her again that it was an inspiration I got, and that anyone could also get the inspirations from God if they wanted to be a chanel...if he/she listened to God.

She later told me that the girl’s name was favor or something...I can’t remember, but it definitely wasn't Joy. I told her that was impossible. She asked what I meant by that, and let me know that the naming had already been done, and that was what the baby had been bearing for some weeks now. I was confused, because I knew God couldn't be wrong. So, during our further discussions, she let her sister know that she had finally got in touch with me. She also told her sister about the supposed name we were having an argument about, and her sister was dumbfounded. We got to know that that was the name the mother actually gave the child, and was meant to be her first name, but the father wanted her to be called another name instead. We learnt that she even had a heated argument with the husband over this.

Long story short, the lady invited me over, as she said she had to see the Prophet that knew her baby before she was born. Sometime in 2011, I went over to their home, and held the baby in my arms. This is just one other story that proves that I really have been talking to God. My friend is still on my facebook list, and if she is reading this, I would love for her to comment in support of this story.

About the lessons about that life that I learnt from God, I can sum it up in one short paragraph.

During the course of  your life on Earth, what ever you do on Earth, whether Good or Bad, you will reap the fruits of it on this Earth. Treat your neighbor as you would thy self...your neighbor could be your friend or an enemy.

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