Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Footballer (Adam Johnson) and the 15 Year Old Girl

She was a fan who just wanted to hangout with him and get him to sign her Jersey, but he took advantage of her. He knew she was 15 years old, he was 27 at the time, but he still went on to perform sexual activities with her, now he is going to jail for anything between 5-10 years. He is on the verge of losing his judge, his girlfriend has left him, he won't get to see his baby daughter grow through her formative years. That is the short story of Adam Johnson, who plays for English football club, Sunderland Association football Club.

You can read vastly on the story here- Adam Johnson and 15 Year Old Girl Case

In this short article, I want to discuss what would make a good-looking, famous 28 year old man, who can probably have any girl he wants go for a 15 year old girl. What would make a grown man want to have sexual interactions with a minor. He has an adult girlfriend, so could this 15 year old girl's incidence be a first time issue in this line, or is he really a pedophile? Read the message exchange between Adam Johnson and the 15 year old girl below.

From the looks of the messages, it is clear the guy knew the girl was a minor, and he also knew what he was doing was wrong, that is why he kept telling her to delete the whatsapp messages. I guess the girl didn't do that, cos that was one of the 'exhibits' used against him in court. I think we can conclude that the guy is a pedophile, yes? Or, no? This really should be a lesson to a lot of men out there. If the girl is not 18, she is not an adult, so you should never plant any ideas in your mind of wanting to have anything to do with her. If she looks like an adult and and you later get to know that she is still a minor, leave her, fast.


  1. Very bad guy...he should be publish for his action!

  2. Very bad guy...he should be publish for his action!


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