Friday, 4 March 2016

9 Reasons Why Women Cheat

I am not implying all women cheat, or that majority of women cheat, but we can't overlook the fact that a large portion of women cheat on their partners. The percentage of women that cheat would probably never match that of men that cheat, but they sure are closing in the gap fast. I don't know if it has anything to do with the rise in the number of feminists we have in this part of the world right now. Or maybe we can put the blame on social media, and how it is easier to hide an ongoing relationship from your spouse if it done via message exchange on social media sites.

Today, I want to put up 9 reasons why women in relationships/marriages cheat. This is not to put down anyone, but to help couples know they how can prevent the cheating nature from creeping into a good woman. And, if the damage has already been done, this article can help a couple work their way out of it. So, below are the top 9 reasons why women cheat.

9.  Boredom
An idle mind is a devil's workshop. That saying is very true. A lot of women most times just crave human attention, and before you know it they are spending too much time talking to that jobless neighbor that lives in the boys quarters. And, one thing might lead to another, and...

8.  Lack of Attention from Their Partners
When men cheat, most times they do it as a way to boost their egos, or they look at it as a pursuit of sexual excitement. Basically, 90% the reason why men cheat is connected to sex. But with women, they go in deep with their emotions. When a woman is not shown attention and affection by her partner, she will look for that affection outside. And at that point, she would be very vulnerable, and any man that has time and patience to show her what her husband/boyfriend is not showing her, will win her heart, even if just for a short period of time.

7.  Feeling of Incompleteness
Some women might be in a relationship or marriage, and be happy in it for a long time. But then one day they wake up and feel something is they should be more to life, and they go out looking for that 20%. I remember meeting a girl at a party a few years ago. We struck it off immediately and exchanged numbers. The day I asked her out was when I discovered she was a few months from getting married. In fact, the next day was going to be her Introduction. After that, she was confused. She was still in love with her man, but I was the type of guy she always wanted, and she felt I would be the one to really 'complete' her. Okay, don't worry, I am a perfect gentleman. I didn't break up her impending marriage. But I really could have.

6.  Lack of Sexual Satisfaction
A lot of people make the mistake of downplaying the role of sex (good sex) in any relationship. Of cos, sex is not everything, but it is one of the binding forces of a union between man and woman. A lot of women have cheated on their partners cos of lack of sexual satisfactions. A lot even file for divorce cos of this. Women are not all the same. So, while some might overlook and live with the bad sexual experiences, some would want to get the satisfaction outside.

5.  Romance
Women these days watch too much Telemundo...too much Mexican, Indian, and Filipino soap operas, and this affects their reasoning. One of my friends had a fight me cos I started posting chapters from my romance story, and I decided not to continue the story. She was already into it and went kamikaze on me when I told her I wasn't going to complete the story. I thought she was joking at first till she deleted me from all social media portals. That is how much some women love their soaps. And the more they watch them, the more they are likely to fantasize about experiencing the kind of love that is portrayed in the romance soap operas. And then one day, they might start looking for Edwardo or Fernando in real life.

4.  Backup Plan
Yup! Some girls usually have a backup plan. This might not be common in marriages,but it is common in relationships. They have boyfriend A, and boyfriend B, and boyfriend C. Please note I said 'some' and not 'majority' or 'all.'

They have probably been used and dumped a few times, and don't want to go through a bitter heart break again. So, they keep a guy on the side, so that they can have a soft landing IF their main boyfriend drops them.

3.  Sex Addiction
If a woman is a sex addict, there is very little you can do to stop her from cheating. You can have sex with her 7 days a week, she will still look outside for more sex. The best thing to do if you know the issue is to find a way to help her get control of her urges, maybe by making her go for sex addict anonymous meetings.

2.  Revenge Sex
Yea, this one is also a prominent reason why some women cheat. I remember watching the movie adaption of Chimamda Adiche's Half of a Yellow Sun book, where the main character, Olana cheated on her man, Odemigbo with her sister's boyfriend cos Odemigbo had cheated on her. If you have watched the movie, then that is a classic example of revenge sex.

1.  Money
This is one of the reasons why it is advisable, as a man to be financially independent before getting married. Of cos their are so many good women out there, but some women will cheat for the right price, especially if their needs are not being met at that moment. You remember what happened to Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson in th movie, Indecent Proposal? When the rich man was attracted to Demi Moore and he made a proposal to spend one night with Demi Moore's character for $1,000,000. The couple felt insulted by the indecent proposal, but they were in-need of money at the  time, and after thinking it through overnight, they both agreed to the man's deal. MONEY!!! It sure can cause a woman to cheat on her man.

That's all folks. Checkout 9 Reasons Why Men Cheat here. 


  1. Most of the reasons you gave are true, but no reason is good enough to justify cheating, that's why communication in a relationship or marriage is important


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