Wednesday, 9 March 2016

9 Reasons Why Men Cheat

I wrote an article titled, 9 Reasons Why Women Cheat three days ago. Today, I am going to be dealing with men. Yea, so why do men cheat? I am not implying that all men cheat, but everyone knows a considerable number of men in relationships/marriages cheat. Today we want to know why men that maybe a woman can stop her man from cheating by looking into some of the reasons why her man might cheat on her. Unlike women who mostly go into extra marital affairs with their emotions, most men cheat on their wives mainly for sexual related reasons. 

9.  Ego Boost
Man has always been the one to chase after woman from time immemorial. So, let's look at man like a hunter. A hunter usually has an ego boost whenever he goes out hunting and comes back home with a juicy kill. The more difficult the kill, the bigger the hunter's ego. It's the same with men in relationships...they want to conquer all. Even when they have a great girlfriend/wife, which many consider a great catch, they might still go out of their way to conquer another rare specimen just to get that ego boost. In situations like this, it is mostly sexual. Once the guy has 'hit it,' he would probably bounce.

8.  He Doesn't Believe in Monogamy
There are some men who don't believe in monogamy. They don't believe a man can live with one woman all his life. They might marry to fit into the society, but inside them, they will cheat at any chance they get, with no remorse. 

7.  Unreasonable Sexual Expectations
Porn is everywhere these days, and some men have grown to have unrealistic sexual expectations from watching too much porn. They want their wives to take care of the kids, clean the house, go to work, and still have the skills of a porn star in the bedroom. When the wife is not able to do this, they look outside. 

6.  Growing Apart in a Relationship/Marriage
Some times, after a while...maybe after 10 years in a marriage or a relationship, the people involved might grow apart. Maybe the woman is now more into taking the kids to their soccer games and stuff of that nature, and the man is spending more and more time with his new BMW. This would make them grow more and more distant, even though they might live in the same house. And with time, another woman would catch the man in places he now hangs out without his wife. 

5.  Appreciation
If a woman doesn't appreciate her husband/boyfriend, and he longs for it. One day, one woman at his workplace or church who appreciates him will catch his attention, and he would want to spend more time with her so as to get more appreciation. And with time...Bam!

4.  Boredom with Marriage
If a marriage/union is boring, and it is the same routine every single day, for months, and years, everything would become boring at some point, and the man might look outside for fun. And trust me, there is always fun outside. 

3.  When a Man is Tired of Fighting
Human beings fight or flee from unwanted/unpleasant situations. If a couple fight every time, and the woman is always the one that starts the fight, after a while, the man would get tired of his nagging wife and all the fights, and flee. While on one of his 'fleeing' escapades, he might run into a more pleasant woman, and he would want to get what he is not getting from his wife from the woman. 

2.  Pursuit of Sexual Excitement
One thing women have to understand is that men have higher libido than women. Look at the animal kingdom; have you seen how the cock chases the hen when he is in heat? Even if the hen flies a fence, the flock would fly that fence too. It is clear that the male of every specie, most times has the higher sexual urge. So, women have to understand this, and some times make sacrifices even when they are not so much in the mood for sex and the husband is. I know the feminist won't like this, but the truth is have higher urge for sex, so if you use yourself as a judge for when your husband should have sex, and you deny him sex every now and then, he would go outside one day. That's the sad truth. 

1.  If He is an Alcoholic
Alcohol acts like an aphrodisiac for most men. Once the liquor is in the system, there starts a build-up of sexual urge. The urge to have sex increases. If he is a light drinker, that urge might not build up to the point where he can't control it. But if he is an alcoholic, it is almost inevitable that he would want to have sex, and if he is not around his spouse, he would look for a fast alternative. 

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