Saturday, 27 February 2016

World Peace Is Impossible

Let me ask you a question, for as long have you have been alive, has there ever been a time you turned on CNN or Al Jazeera and you heard only good news? The answer would definitely be NO! There is always some sort of conflict for the cable news networks to report, cos really, world peace is anti-natural to the human race- a world cannot exist without balance, which means, there would always be good, just as there will be bad. World peace can never be achieved in the world. I can't even call world peace a dream, cos sometimes, dreams come true.

Right now, there is a civil war going on in Syria. The war has claimed between 250,000-470,000 people between 2011 till date. This year alone, over 4,000 lives have been lost to the unrest. There is also the war in Afghanistan that has been going on since I was in my first year in the University...I have been a graduate for 10 years now, and there is still no peace in Afghanistan. Even in my beloved country, Nigeria, we have the war against the terror group,  Boko Haram. Granted, the Government has recorded a lot of success in the last 10 months, but there are still multiple suicide bombings in the northern part of the country on a monthly basis. Read history books; read the Bible, or the Holy Koran, you will always read about wars.

The fact that no two people are the same, even within a family unit creates a balance in the world (which is needed). And that fact will also lead to disagreements and fights. Just the way you have disagreements with your brother and sometimes fight, is the same way countries disagree with each other, or factions within countries disagree and fight. As a teenager, I threw a lot of parties with my brothers, and since I wasn't an extrovert, my work was always to watch from the sidelines and make sure things went well and there were no fights (cos our parents were not meant to know about the parties). I would always try to restrict the number of people that didn't know each other before the party form attending the party, and everything usually went well. Then one day we organized a grand party, which had different people from different neighborhoods coming together. That was the last party we had, cos a fight broke out that almost led to the death of some of my friends.

As long as we continue to be human (and not Zombies) and experience different emotions like hate, love, sadness, happiness, Jealousy, admiration, and the likes, there will always be unrest in the world, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Of cos people can try to reduce the occurrences of wars in the world. If we have long times of war (like the times of the first and second world wars), we would experience long times of reduced occurrences of wars afterwards. Or, if there are wars going on in one part of the world, another part of the world would experience peace in the lands. That's the reality we have to live with. There can never be an UP, without a DOWN. There can never be a left side of something without the right side of that thing. Well, unless one side is cut off, but if that is done, then that thing will seize to EXIST as a 'whole' thing/being. We live in a world of duality; LIGHT and DARKNESS, MAN and WOMAN, DAY and NIGHT, LIFE and DEATH, GOOD and EVIL, etc. For one to exist, the other has to exist too.

I don't care how religious you are, as long as you are human, you can never experience happiness all the days of your life. If you are in love with someone right now, and that person makes you feel loved all through the day, there would be someone or something that would make you feel the emotion of hate. That is just the way the universe operates...there will always be balance. Even though there will always be a work for someone like Jack Bauer in the world, there will also always be a lot of good in the world. My thing is for more people to celebrate the good...Give the good more attention, and stop focusing on the bad, cos you can never totally stop the bad from happening.

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