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18 Famous LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) People

I still believe Gay people don't choose to be so, they are just so. You can argue on the fact that maybe it is a psychological problem, or that it is a mental illness, but I will never buy the general idea that a Gay person chooses to be so. Why would a sane man wake up one morning, look at another gay man and say to himself; "Hmm! I think I like this lifestyle where I would be ridiculed all my life. I think I like this life that can get me lynched and killed. Yea, it's a great life. I CHOOSE THIS." It doesn't ring well, and it makes no sense.

A lot of homophobic people always shout 'Death to the gay people.' 'Kill them all.' 'Burn them.' 'They don't deserve to live.' 'They are an abomination to mankind.' Now, I have taken time to do some research on Famous Gay people in the world, and I'd like to put up their names in this blog post. I think the very familiar faces/names, and what they have contributed or are contributing to the world would make people think twice before they throw hate words at them. It is also funny that Pastors/Men of God like Eddie Long, Ted Haggard, and Lonnie Latham (Prominent Baptist Minister) who have castigated Gay people in the past have turned out to be Gay. It makes you wonder whether most of the homophobic people out there aren't closet Gay people, battling with their internal wars.

Last year, it was discovered that Mahatma Gandhi could have been considered gay, judging from the series of intimate letters he sent to German body builder, Hermann Kallenbach. The Indian government spent 700,000 Pounds to buy the letters shared between Gandhi and Kallenbach at a recent auction, to preserve Mahatma Gandhi's legacy. Along with Gandhi, people like Ralph Waldo Emerson, and even Elvis Presley have been rumored to be gay during their lifetime, but this was never really proven. The list I have below is of 18 famous LGBT people, who have come out openly as being Gay.

18. Ricky Martin
Puerto Rican pop singer of international acclaim, Ricky Martin is an openly Gay man. He started singing at the age of twelve in the Puerto Rican pop group, Menudo in 1984. Ricky Martin started his own solo career in 1991, and has since sold millions all over the world. Although he had always been rumored to be gay for a long time, he came out openly on his website in 2000.

17. Alexander McQueen
He is a British born designer, who worked with Givenchy between 1996-2001, before going solo. He has won the British Designer of The Year Award four times...1996, 1997, 2001, and 2003. He has been living as an open gay man since he was 18. I am very sure you have heard his name in lots of hip hop music, as his Alexander McQueen label makes top quality clothing.

16. Ian McKellen
Yea, this man...You got to love this man even if you are the most homophobic man in the world. His acting is brilliant. And he became really popular in his older years. He once said his career took off after he came out the closet. You know him as Gandalf in the Lord Of The Rings movies, and also Magneto in the X Men movies.

15. Anderson Cooper
CNN Anchorman, Anderson Cooper is a very popular face on TV. He has had a successful career as a journalist over the years, and is also an Author. He has lived as an openly gay man for many years, although he rarely talks about his sexuality.

14. Giorgio Armani
Super successful fashion designer, Giorgio Armani has lived as an openly gay man for many years. In fact, the fashion world is dominated by Gay men. If you hate gays so much, and you love what they produce, don't you think there is something wrong with that?

13. Michelle Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez is the sexy Dominican Republic-American actress that became popular playing the role of Vin Diesel's love interest, Letty in the Fast & Furious movies. She is gay and proud.

12. Victor Garber
Veteran actor, Victor Garber has enjoyed over three decades of a successful career in Hollywood. He has stared in more than a dozen successful TV series, but his most prominent role was in 1997's Hollywood blockbuster movie, Titanic. You can also remember him in the role of the Canadian ambassador to Iran in Ben Affleck's 2012 movie, Argo. He first spoke publicly about being gay in 2012, but as lived as an openly gay man for more than twenty years.

11. Jodie Foster
Yea, one of my favorite veteran actresses, Jodie Foster is also Gay. Movie fanatics can't forget her classic role as agent Clarice Starling in the The Silence of the Lambs movie. She has played in other notable Hollywood movies like The Accused, Panic Room, Inside Man, and Flightplan. She won an academy award in 1989, for her lead role in the 1988 crime drama movie, The Accused. In April this year (2014), she got married to fellow actress, Alexandra Anderson.

10. Tracy Chapman
The successful singer/song writer, Tracy Chapman never speaks publicly about her sexuality, but has dated many from the same sex.

9.  Anna Paquin
Who isn't in love with Sookie? Anna Paquin has a career that dates back to the mid 90s, but the heights of her careers has to be playing the role of Sookie Stackhouse in the smash hit TV series, True Blood. You probably also remember her as Rogue in the X Men movies. Although she got married to her True Blood co-star, Stephen Moyer in 2010, she came out as a bisexual woman the same year. In a 2012 interview with Us Weekly, she spoke on her sexuality, saying..."My sexuality is not made up, for a bisexual, it's not about gender. That's not the deciding factor to who they are attracted to."

8.  John Amaechi
Now, our very own country man, John Amaechi. He is an English retired basketballer, who played for NBA at some point in his career. He came out in 2007, via his memoir, Man In The Middle. His father is Nigerian (Igbo), and his mother is English.

7.  Guilermo Diaz
Yea, Huck, the intelligent minded individual in Olivia Pope's (from Scandal TV series) team at the white house is an openly gay man. He lived in a rough neighborhood growing up, and had to create another persona to hide who he really was, which later helped when it came to being an actor.

6.  Wanda Sykes
Very hilarious Wanda Sykes is multi-talented; a writer, actress, comedienne,  and a voice artist. You might recognize her voice as Granny in the Ice Age movies, and Stella in Over The Edge. And you might recognize her face from playing the role of Rita, in Evan Almighty. Like most gay people the world over, she was in the closet for may years, and was even married to a man between 1991-1998. In 2008, she publicly came out as gay while at a same-sex marriage rally in Las Vegas.

5.  Ellen DeGeneres
We all know the funny Ellen DeGeneres, from the Ellen Show. But what some don't know is that she was once a comedienne, and actress before she became a TV host. She came out as a Lesbian in 1997. She has been married to her partner, Portia de Rossi since August, 2008.

4.  Elton John
Elton John once attempted suicide in the 80s, because of having hard times hiding his sexuality. He came out as a bisexual in 1976; this was just to lower the shock, and he accepted being a gay man years later. Regardless of all these, he has had a successful five decades career, selling over 300 million album copies worldwide, making him one of the most successful musician in history.

3.  D&G (Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana)
Every girl wants a D&G bag in her collection, but do people really know that both the Italian business partners are gay? Domenicio Dolce and Stefano Gabbanna started out as intimate partners, and it birthed their fashion label. But although they have not been an item since 2005, the business they started in 2005 is still waxing strong.

2.  Wenthworth Miller
Wenthworth Miller, A.K.A Michael Scofield broke a lot of girls hearts when he came out as a gay man last year. He denied being gay while interviewed by InStyle in 2007, but he came out publicly about his sexuality in 2013. He has admitted in recent interviews to being depressed for a long time before coming out the closet, because he couldn't talk to anyone about his sexuality.

1.  Raven Symone
Raven Symone is another multi-talented artist; she a TV producer, dancer, comedienne, actress, singer, and model. She started out as Olivia in Bill Cosby's The Cosby Show back in 1989 at just 3 years old, and has had a lot of TV roles since then. She has also stared in Hollywood movies such as; Doctor Dolittle, The Princess Diaries 2, and College Road Trip (with Martin Lawrence). Although it had always been suspected that she was gay, she confirmed it through a post on twitter in 2013 that read..."I was excited today to hear that more states legalized gay marriage. I' however am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to."

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