Sunday, 31 July 2016

10 Suicidal Signs in People

It takes a person that has experienced true love to write a compelling romance novel. It takes someone that knows a lot about stocks to write a book about stocks. It takes...Hope you get my drift? The reason I was moved to write this article is because when ever a new suicide case pops up, the people closest to the person that killed himself/herself always say things like, 'Tommy could never kill himself; there has to be some foul play behind this.' 'He was so happy. Why did he kill himself.' 'We didn't see any signs.'

The truth is, there are always signs. No one ups and kills himself without having shown tendencies of doing so before. Sometimes it might be one big damaging event that might make them commit suicide. Or, it might be overwhelming accumulated problems which caused the depression, which later led to suicide. Either case, there are always signs before hand. No matter how subtly the signs might be, they always leave signs along the way. The person might show majority of the signs below, or just one or two signs, but I am positive any suicidal person would show at least one of the 10 signs listed below. If you could recognize them in a friend or family member, you could save a life.

1.  Anger
Someone getting angry over little things is a clear sign that that person is most likely fighting an internal battle. Look deeper, and the person might be depressed and fighting suicidal thoughts.  

2.  They Show Little Enthusiasm to Life
When you notice someone doesn't get enthusiastic about life anymore. Nothing excites him or her, even the things that once excited them.

3.  They Joke About it Repeatedly to Someone Close to Them
Suicidal people are not depressed all the time. There are times they are in happy moods, and in this state, they might joke to someone close to them that they would commit suicide and end it all. If this happens one time, it might not be that serious. But if this happens repeatedly; that's a red flag right there.

4.  Withdrawal from Friends and Family
When someone suddenly withdraws from friends and family, and becomes a loner, it can be a sign that the person just had a paradigm shift and is trying to figure himself/herself out. Or, it can mean, the person is thinking of how worthless his/her life is, and how there is no use sticking around. 

5.  Persistent Mood Swings
They are high, and then the next minute they are low. They laugh a lot and even make a lot of people laugh, this is mostly because they unconsciously don't want people to experience the depressed state they are in. But on some days they are a shadow of themselves and moody as hell. This is another red flag.

6.  Purposelessness
When you notice someone no longer has purpose in life, and he or she is just drifting through life, you should be wary. 

7.  Repeated Cases of Drinking to Stupor 
When you are depressed and suicidal, you are at the bottom of the happiness spectrum. And because liquor makes you feel good temporarily, a depressed or suicidal person gets lost in the euphoria of leaving his dark state and doesn't know when to stop taking the happy juice.

8.  They Leave Cryptic Messages on their Social Network Accounts 
Most time, they leave cryptic messages on their Facebook or Twitter on how they really feel. They might re-tweet a Tweet about suicide, or subtly leave a message about how suicidal they feel. 

9.  Recklessness
Since most of them feel they are not going to be around long anyway (because they have been contemplating suicide), they sometimes live a reckless lives. Drink too much. Experiment with all sorts of drugs. Have unprotected sex. Drink and drive. Drive at alarming speed. ETC.  

10.  Lack of Self Care 
They are too depressed to think of personal hygiene, or how they dress. Life is now meaningless to some of them, so why live. And so, they think less of how they look.

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