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Top 15 Most Generous People in the World (2016)

There is a famous saying- givers never lack- when you read through this post, you would totally agree with this saying. Below are the top 15 most generous people in the world. The amount in bracket represent what they have donated to charity so far in the lifetime.

15. Jon Huntsman Sr ($1.2 Billion Lifetime Donations)
Mr. Huntsman is the executive chairman and founder of a chemical product manufacturing company called, Huntsman cooperation. He is a cancer survivor (he had prostrate cancer as well as mouth cancer), and has given most of his donations to colleges and cancer research centers. He also gives to other charity organizations that are not related to cancer research.

14. Li Ka-Shing ($1.4 Billion Lifetime Donations)
Lia Ka-Shing is one of the richest men in the whole of Asia. He invests in disruptive technology. His foundation, Li Ka-Shing Foundation supports culture, healthcare, community-related causes,  and education.

13. Mark Zuckerberg ($1.6 Billion Lifetime Donation)
Of cos, we all know him as the founder of the most popular social media website in the world, Facebook. In 2014 when Ebola broke out in most countries of the West African region, he and his wife, Priscilla donated $25 million to fight it. Zuckerberg donates heavily in the educational sector of America. He once donated a whooping $120 million to improve Bay Area (San Francisco) schools.

12. Paul Allen ($2 Billion Lifetime Donations)
He and Bill Gates founded Microsoft back in the 70s.  But he has moved on from that now, and is into private investments. He gives mostly to help with better global health.

11. Michael Bloomberg  ($3 Billion Lifetime Donations)
He is the CEO and Founder of Bloomberg Media Company. His foundation,, Bloomberg Foundation gives to healthcare, educational, and environmental causes.

10. George Kaiser ($3.3 Billion Lifetime Donations)
Kaiser is an American businessman, and a big time philanthropist. The 74 year old is among the top 100 richest men in the world, and he gives heavily to support community-related causes, health, religious, social, and health causes.

9.  Eli Broad ($3.3 Billion Lifetime Donations)
He is an American entrepreneur who got rich doing business in the real estate sector. His two foundations give to help young entrepreneurs, and also to help communities in need.

8.  Carlos Slim Helu ($4 Billion Lifetime Donations)
He is the richest man in Mexico, and the fourth richest man in the world right now. He is into the telecoms business, and his company, America Movil is the largest telecommunications company in the whole of Latin America. He gives heavily to conserve world wildlife. He also donates funds to help Mexicans living in America.

7.  Gordon Moore ($5 Billion Lifetime Donations)
He is the co-founder of American technology company, Intel. He is in his 80s right now, and he is more interested in giving away hi billions than any other thing. His foundation funds science research, patient care, environmental conservation, etc.

6.  Sulaiman bin Abdul Aziz Al Rahji ($5.7 Billion Lifetime Donations)
He is a Saudi Arabian billionaire. In the late 50s, he and some of his brothers started a bank, which went on to become one of the largest Islamic banks in the world. He gives mostly towards religious, health, educational, and social causes.

5.  Charles Francis Feeney ($6.3 Billion Lifetime Donations)
This Irish-American businessman recently set out to give away all his fortune. And according to some experts, the 85 year old has almost succeeded doing that, as he is left with a net-worth of $1.5 million, compared to the billions he had as net worth some years ago.

4.  Aziz Premji ($8 Billion Lifetime Donations)
This Indian is the chairman of a big Consulting and IT company. The mission of his foundation is to help reform India's schools and examination centers.

3.  George Soros ($8 Billion Lifetime Donations)
Like some people on our list, he is a retired businessman whose sole aim now is to help as many people as possible. His foundation primarily donates to educational causes, community development, social services, health, and International causes.

2.  Warren Buffett ($21.5 Billion Lifetime Donations)
The stock market guru, Warren Buffet not only went ahead to give away half of his net worth, he has also has gotten other billionaires to pledge to do the same thing. Even though he went on to systematically give off half his wealth some years back, he is currently the third richest man in the world.

1.  Bill Gates ($27 Billion Lifetime Donations)
He is the richest man in the world, and also the most generous man in the world. Hmm! Their sure is a correlation between giving and receiving, don't you think? The Microsoft co-founder gave $1 million to the governor of a state in northern Nigeria just a few days ago. This is to help feed the people displaced by the acts of terror by the terrorist group, Boko Haram over the years in Nigeria. And he has always been very active in eradicating Polio in Nigeria, and in many other philanthropic works in Nigeria, and the whole of Africa. He extends his hands to helping in all areas, and in every continent of the world. 

Courtesy of Business Insider

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