Sunday, 14 August 2016

Top 7 Biggest Wild Cats in the World

The cat family is very big. From the little sized domesticated cats, to the wild cats of the jungle, like the Tiger, and the Lion. There more than a dozen members of the cat family, but today we are going to be dealing with the top 7 biggest (in size) of them all. You might be surprised at the cat sitting on the number one spot.

Below are the top 7 biggest cats in the world.

7.  Cheetah
The cheetah is our number 7 on the list. I guess it's smaller size compared to other wild cats has to do with why it is the fastest in its family, and also among all land animals. An average cheetah weighs 54kg, and it can be found in eastern and southern Africa, and some parts of Iran.

6.  Leopard 
This wild cat is very popular for its spots, even though the Cheetah and the Jaguar have similar features. The Leopard is commonly found in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, and in parts of Asia. An average Leopard weighs about 65kg.

5.  Snow Leopard
Yet another sub-specie of Leopard makes it to our list. The snow leopard is mostly found in parts of central and south Asia, like in Northwestern China, and in Tibet. It weighs an average 75kg.

4.  Cougar
A Cougar is also referred to as a Puma, or a Mountain Lion. It sure looks a lot like a Lion. It is mostly found in the Americas- Southern Argentina, Chile, Southeastern Alaska etc. An average Cougar weighs about 120kg.

3.  Jaguar
Although not so popular (maybe because of its similarity in looks to the Leopard), the Jaguar is the third biggest in the cat family. An average Jaguar weighs about 136kg, and can be found in parts of southern Arizona, New Mexico, Northern Argentina, and Northern Brazil.

2.  Lion
Yea, you are just as surprised as I was when I was doing this research and found out that the Lion is not the biggest wild cat in the jungle. Then which cat is? You'll find out in a minute.

A lion is the second biggest animal in the cat family and most times referred to as the king of the jungle. It weighs about 272kg, and can be found in the deserts and rain forests of sub-Saharan Africa.

1.  Siberian Tiger
Yup! The Siberian Tiger is the biggest wild cat in the jungle. Although there are other sub-species of Tigers like the Bengal Tiger, and Sumatran Tiger, the Siberian Tiger is the biggest, with an average weight of 425kg. That is really massive...almost twice the size of a Lion. Lions hunt in packs, the Tiger is more of a solitary hunter. The Siberian Tiger is found mostly in parts of India, Korea, North China, and Russia.

 Look at the pictures below to get a good idea of just how big this wild cat is.

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