Saturday, 18 January 2014

10 Most Beautiful Villages in Europe

Check out the pictures of of the 10 most beautiful village in Europe. Looking at the pictures saddened me...these are villages, not even cities, and they are this beautiful. I don't even think the problem with Nigeria (and Africa as a whole) is lack of resources and money; the problem is from within. We have poor hearts, that's why our outer world is so dirty and disarranged. This also has to do with Advancement...Europe is far more advanced than Africa in all areas. It's the neatness and the orderliness of the villages that really fascinate s me.

The pictures of the villages below are of 1. Bled, Slovenia. 2. Gruyeres, Switzerland. 3. Cong, Ireland. 4. Telc, Czech Republic. 5. Pucisca, Croatia. 6. Tellaro, Italy. 7. Reine, Norway. 8. Hallstatt, Austria. 9. Bibury, England. 10. Colmar, France. The pictures appear as they have been listed above.

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