Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Top 5 Richest Women in the World (2016)

As there are rich men, there are also rich women too. Of cos, their are more wealthy men than women, but women ain't doing badly in the financial world too. So, today, I have decided to showcase to you in this article, the top 5 richest women in the world.

5.  Susanne Klatten
The German lady got her wealth by inheritance after her father died. She inherited his 50.1% stake in Pharmaceutical and Chemicals manufacturer, Altana. She also inherited her late father's 12.5% stake in German car company, BMW. These and many more put Susanne Klatten's net worth at $18.5 billion presently. She is 54 years old.

4.  Maria Franca Fissol
At 99, she is the oldest on our list. Maria is the widow of Michele Ferrero, founder of Ferrero SpA, Europe's second largest confectionery company. If you know Nutella, know this woman's company makes it. The Italian woman has a net worth of $22.1 billion.

3.  Jacqueline Mars
Who doesn't know Mars Chocolate? Twix, Mars Bars, M&M's, Skittles, Snickers... Her grandfather founded Mars, Incorporated in 1911. The company produces all those chocolate varieties I listed above. They have kept the company successful and within the family for over a hundred years. You know, some times, when I think about these cocoa related companies, and realize they get their major raw material (Cocoa) from Africa, I wonder...What is wrong with the black man? Why can't he be as advanced as the white man. Anyway, that's a discussion for another article.

Jacqueline Mars is 76 years old, and has a net worth of $23.4 billion as of June 2016. She is an American. 

2.  Alice Walton
Alice is yet another person on our list who inherited her wealth. She is the daughter of Wal Mart founder, Sam Walton. Wal Mart chain of stores across America and the world brought her her wealth; a net worth of $32.3 billion. As of April 2016, Walmart has 11,527 stores and clubs in 28 countries. That is one heck of a chain of stores.

Alice Walton is 66 years old and she is an an American.

1.  Liliane Bettencourt
The French woman is one of the major shareholders of L'Oreal, a French cosmetics company. It is the world's largest cosmetics company. You can't tell me you haven't used or seen some of their lipsticks or skin care products in your household. According to Forbes, Liliane is currently the richest woman in the world. The 93 year old woman is worth $36.1.

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